Letter: Removing recycling bins from Kroger inconvenient

From: Jeanette Buzzard


Why exactly did the solid waste district, which is run through the county not the city of Columbus, have the recycling containers moved from the Kroger site?

It is so wonderful the city is providing those who live inside the city limits free recycling. What about those who live in the county?

The convenience of having the boxes sitting at Kroger was wonderful. I would bring my recycling into Columbus and drop it off while I was running errands or shopping. Now I must drive across the county to the landfill or wait for Saturday to go to the convenience stations either at Wolfcreek or Petersville.

I realize you can still go to the city recycling center, but this, too, is not acceptable. Reason being you must drive on the plastic sheets leaving the facility, which scratches the paint on vehicles.

The location of Kroger was centrally located in Columbus. The options you leave citizens of the county are to drive to a remote location or to stop recycling all together, leaving more of a carbon footprint in the county.

My other question is why is the city having a company from Indianapolis haul the recycling away when there is a company here in Bartholomew County, Rumpke, that has been in Bartholomew County for at least 25 years?

The majority of its employees live here in Columbus or within the county. These are local people who put their money back into this city and the county. It’s sad to not have hometown people who provide a service not being utilized.