Around Town – February 28

Orchids to …

• Mom and Wayne (dad) Thorpe for helping me when I needed to start my new job, from Matt.

• Dr. Charlie Rau’s office for getting my mom in early for her appointment, from Melinda.

• Aleesa Dickerson, FFA adviser Micah Wallace, FFA members, FFA parents, friends and community for making our pancake breakfast a success Thursday morning celebrating FFA week.

• sanitation workers, postal and newspaper delivery people for working in this severe weather.

• Liz Abner and family for snow removal on South Drive last Saturday.

• Tim, Becky, Tyler and Beth Thomas and Kenny and Brenda Wright for the fantastic birthday surprise at Sirloin Stockade, from Marcia Sebastian.

• John, a young gentleman who always does a great job removing snow, from a grateful customer on Jolinda Court.

• Sam Harpring for your kindness in clearing all the neighbors’ driveways from the snow, from The Barringers.

• David Brown for his great letter to the editor explaining the previous administration and why we cannot go back to it.

• Dave Barker for his great help clearing the snow in front of kidscommons for our annual Carnivale benefit, from kidscommons staff.

• Cindy Hotz for a wonderful tour of the operating room orthopedics area at Columbus Regional Hospital, from the 5 Tower nurses.

• Jacob Rhoades and James Baker for cleaning my long driveway, from Betty Burton.

• David Brown for his excellent letter, from someone who totally agrees.

• my sister, Wanda Huff, for taking me to the doctor and running me around for errands.

• Jim Strietelmeier for highlighting problems with an elected official’s style.

• Jason Hawley for cleaning the snow off of my driveway and walks, from Carol.

• 911 dispatch, Fire Station 4 and Columbus Regional Hospital doctors and staff for professional teamwork for taking care of my husband during his heart attack last Saturday, from Desi Watson.

• Claire at the cardiac office for going above and beyond to help me, from Tina Mickle.

• Mike Mullett for his warning about an energy company’s schemes and the reminder to contact our legislators.

• Sherry Pile from UPS for helping to get my son’s costume delivered for his colonial days project, from Shannon Kennedy.

• Jim Lienhoop for supporting the kidscommons Carnivale fundraiser.

• Jim Strietelmeier for hitting the bull’s-eye and speaking the truth.

Onions to …

• people who write letters to the editor about the city council and have not attended a city council meeting.

• people who pass funeral processions.

• the store that fired the young autistic man, who was a good worker, for no apparent reason.

• the local radio newscaster who gave his own opinion based on his erroneous and limited understanding instead of sticking to factual reporting.

• politicians who try to rule by fear and intimidation rather than govern by true leadership.

• people who don’t realize homeless animals can’t help themselves.

• the county council for authorizing construction of a new annex building that will be too small when it opens.

• people who live a quarter-century somewhere else and dare to think they have a clue as to what has gone on in our city.

• members of sleepy public boards who feel entitled to wisecrack about the actions of other elected officials in their absence.

• the impatient, mean-spirited, horn-honking woman in the grocery store parking lot that couldn’t wait for me to leave to acquire my prime parking spot.

Happy Birthday to …

• Margaret Darnell on No. 90, from your family.

• Debbie Goins, from family and friends.

• Duane Miller, from your friends at AT&T.

• Marsha Hoeltke, from your sister Pam and niece Chelsea.

• Chris Holwager on No. 19, from Nana and Papa Holwager.

• Margaret Darnell, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Katelin Gephart, from Friends at the Moravian Church.

• Amanda Fleener.

• John C. Long.

• Ohmer Miller.

• Kirstin Hoene on No. 16, from Mamaw and Papaw Hoene.

• Mary Elliott from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Sally R. Barriger.

• Daniella McNeill, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Hannah Gladden, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Julie Zeigler, from Uncle Bryan, Aunt Becky and Jaxson Maxx.

Belated Wishes to …

• Darlene Roberts, from Green Valley Apostolic Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bon and Stu Records, from Connie and Colleen.

• Belated Anniversary to…

• Bill Maggard on No. 25, from Paula.

• Happy Anniversary, Feb. 29…

• Tom and Joy Lux, from friends at the Moravian Church.