School looks at superintendent contract

Most of Edinburgh’s teachers are receiving stipends and pay raises this year, but the superintendent’s salary would stay the same.

School board members last month unanimously approved spending about $51,800 for one-time stipends and raises for 54 of Edinburgh’s teachers.

The money will come from the school district’s general fund and will be split. Half will go to pay teachers stipends of about $466 each, and the rest will increase teachers’ base pay on average about $466, business manager Tammy Lewis said.

Teachers qualify for the stipends and raises only if they received effective or highly effective ratings on their annual evaluations. During the 2013-14 school year, all but four teachers received ratings that qualified them for raises.

Edinburgh’s teachers received similar raises and stipends last school year as well. The increases were part of the school district’s two-year contract with the teachers, and that contract will expire this summer, Lewis said.

Superintendent William Glentzer’s contract, which began in December 2013, is set to expire in June 2016, and board members are considering extending it for another year, Lewis said.

The board also is considering making a $5,000 contribution into a retirement account for Glentzer and providing him more money for travel.

Right now, Glentzer isn’t reimbursed for any trips he makes within 50 miles of Edinburgh.

Under the new contract, the school district would start compensating Glentzer for all of his travel, at a rate of 45 cents per mile.

The exact cost won’t be known until after the superintendent submits his mileage reports, Lewis said.

Glentzer’s base pay of $96,600 wouldn’t change under the new contract.

He already has the option of enrolling in an insurance plan paid for by the school district, but he has opted not to, Lewis said.

The board will vote on whether to make the changes to Glentzer’s contract during its March 16 meeting.

Tom Lange is a staff writer for the Daily Journal of Johnson County, a sister publication of The Republic.