Around Town – March 11

Orchids to …

• Todd Gant for plowing our driveway, from Marilyn and Greg.

• Mayor Kristen Brown for getting our fiscal house in order.

• Kyle Fath on his retirement as St. Bartholomew athletics director after more than 15 years of dedicated service to the children and families of our school.

• the wonderful plumber who came for a problem I had but never charged me.

• Matt Hunter for the excellent job replacing some of my gutters, from Anne.

• a wonderful neighbor, Jan Fogle, for bringing my mail and paper to my front door while I was down and out, from Mary.

• the kind gentlemen who helped me load my groceries in my car on the snowy, cold day last Wednesday, from an appreciative woman.

• the doctors and staff at Jackson County Animal Clinic for all their care and compassion shown to Squtchie and her pet parents before, during and after a difficult decision and painful loss, from Stacy and Rick Burns.

• those who submit true orchids so we can focus on the positive.

• Tri-State Artisans for the fun time Saturday learning how to paint a Columbus starry night.

• Noel Knifley for a very well-written letter with common sense reasoning.

• AmeriCorps Members of Bartholomew County for your dedicated service and hard work at our local host sites.

• the cast, crew and musicians of both “Pirates of Penzance” and “Cinderella” for outstanding performances this past weekend.

Onions to …

• war advocates.

• local trucking company for not salting its driveway and making it hazardous for driving and walking.

• City Hall for offering neither explanation nor apology one full month after the apparent improper demolition of a taxpayer’s home.

• whoever is supposed to be cleaning off the sidewalks near the Broadmoor subdivision.

• people who do not appreciate the good things that Mayor Kristen Brown has done for our city.

• those who seem more concerned about a campaign button rather than all the problems Columbus has, such as crimes, drugs and foreclosure.

• the out-of-town pool company that is going door to door in Columbus begging for business.

• the man who has to have his name in the paper every day.

• the school that did not hold a schoolwide pep rally or celebration for a historical first-place finish.

• the uniformed police officer who provided disc jockey services with his gun and badge on during a bowling event.

• those orchestrating putting one candidate’s name in the Orchids every day.

• the factory in Columbus that works us to death, gives us no days off and doesn’t really care.

Happy Birthday to …

• Vicki Kerns, on No. 13, from Mom and Dad.

• Charlene Goebel, from Steve.

• Nick Bennett, from Mamaw Linda and family.

• Don Weddle Jr., from your family.

• Vicki Kerns, from Grandma and Grandpa Willis.

• Brooks McNicholas.

• Micah Smiley.

• Cody Wayne Stone.

• Bonnie Decker, from Jan.

Belated Wishes to …

• Emily Nunemaker, from Kurt and Payton.

• Carmen Kreinhagen, from your mother.

• Nicolas Kennedy on No. 5, from Aunt Sheila.