Eager to turn page on winter

Winter has come late this year for Jennings County. With a whole week of school canceled and many delays, this winter has, for some, become a setback.

Jennings County School Corp. stated that our school system has pushed out all of our snow makeup days, and if we get one more cancellation, we will have to go back to extended days like last year.

The last day of school is now scheduled for May 29 and it will include going to school on Good Friday, April 3.

Students have been buzzing about the weather as well. Many students don’t like the idea of extended days. Drivers complain about making it to school if the roads are bad. Other students are upset about being behind in school because of the whole week that was lost.

In an interview with Jennings County sophomore Skyann Lovitt, I asked her a few questions about the winter weather and how she feels.

Q: How did you feel about all of this snow and ice that blocked us from getting to school?

Lovitt: I hated it because all this snow has been taking my summer (break) away. I mean, I enjoy a day or so off, but not a week.

Q: How do you think other students feel about it?

Lovitt: Some may feel happy and most may feel disappointed because of the fact of the summer (break) being shorter from all of the weather.

Q: Do you think not being here for a week has thrown you off academically?

Lovitt: Yes and no. I am still wanting to sleep in, meaning I am still always tired, which affects my learning.

In another interview with Jennings County junior Kaitlin Kelley, she responded similarly.

Q: What do you think about this winter weather?

Kelley: I think it’s time for it to stop, all the jumping back and forth from cold to warm is getting a lot of people sick.

As winter emerges into spring, fog has risen to take the snow’s place and has put Jennings County Schools under a two-hour delay. Luckily, with snow starting to clear and temperatures becoming warmer, students can see hope in going to school and fewer to no more cancellations.