Around Town – March 19

Orchids to …

• Matthew Hannum for your excellent service in delivery of my refrigerator from Bishopp’s Appliance, from Frank and Nancy Butler.

• the City Garage for the speedy repair of potholes in the alley and street, from an appreciative downtown business.

• Wanda and Wendall Huff for being so kind and thoughtful, from Bill and Martha.

• the man in the trailer court who drives the red truck who cleaned the limbs off the top of my trailer, from Estella Brooks.

• Emily E. at Kroger’s customer service desk for going out of her way to help me with my question about a bouquet of daisies.

• Sarah for returning my lost billfold, from your neighbor Carol.

• Shana at Dr. Pawlus’ office for prompt and courteous care.

• Dennis Anness for his service as secretary at St. John’s Masonic Lodge throughout the years, from a loyal member.

• Columbus police detectives and Candlelight Neighborhood Watch for their help in apprehending burglars who robbed my home.

• whoever turned in my phone at Kroger on Tuesday evening.

• Humphrey’s Automotive for professional service with great integrity, from the Moores.

• Rich Gold for his visionary letter on how well-qualified Jim Lienhoop is to lead our great city, from good old Ordinary Joe.

Onions to …

• animal shelters that are overrun with nonadoptable animals.

• those who can’t pay any rent but can still come up with money to go on spring break.

• people who try to turn Orchids into a political campaign.

• people who hide behind an Ordinary Joe.

• those who believe an employee working at a Best Places to Work company singlehandedly put it there.

• the bakery that never has anything ready in the mornings well after opening and has young children in the kitchen roaming around all day.

• the elected official who is unable to retain experienced, qualified, dedicated employees.

• candidates who don’t know how to be collaborative in the positions they currently hold.

• child support division for not keeping child-support calculations.

Happy Birthday to …

• Angela Greene, from Charisse and Evelyn.

• Bob Childs on No. 85, from Jo and family.

• LuAnn Welmer, from Vicki and Chris.

• Dawn R. Ford, from Aunt Paulette.

• Branden Clark on No. 11, from Great-grandma Janet.

• Linda Carmer, from Kudy.

• Felix Barajas, from Aunt Susan.

• Angie Greene, from Pastor Carl Greene and The OutReach.

• Suzanne J. Blake

• Pat Whittington, from Donna.

• Loretta Willard, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Margie Rominger.

• Shawn Spilsbury.