Around Town – March 22

Orchids to …

• Columbus Animal Care for removing the skunk that found its way into our basement, but onions to the skunk for spraying and stinking up our house like nobody’s business. I hope the skunk enjoys the new home near Camp Atterbury.

• the employee in the hair salon who maintained her professionalism despite being harassed and insulted by a very rude customer.

• Mark Duwe for making sense.

• Mayor Kirsten Brown for her steadfast commitment to serve all of Columbus.

• Greg at Office Max for his excellent service Thursday, from Richard Roseberry.

• Richard Gold and Jim Leinhoop, from a city employee.

• Carol Gates for her service as secretary of the Columbus Free Methodist Church, from the congregation.

• the newspaper delivery person on 19th Street for always delivering my paper to my door.

• Jennifer at JCPenny for excellent salesmanship and friendliness, from Carolyn Burton.

Happy Birthday to …

• David Sturgeon, from Elsie.

• Devin Pollert.

• Brenda Busick

• Tim Harris.

• Benjamin Rockhill.

• Louis Sylvia on No. 85, from your wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

• my tall drink of water ,Steve Rosenberg, from your loving bride of 26 years.

• Glenda R. Hall

• Richard Hoskins, from Bethel Baptist Church.

Belated Wishes to …

• Debbie Tungate, from Mom, Arvella, Sharon and family, and Brandy and family.