Letter: Update on rail, train improvements

From: Zack Ellison


Here is some information on local train delays, where we are and where we will be in five years.

Louisville & Indianapolis Railroad is the owner of the railroad right-of-way through Columbus. It can use this rail system as much as it likes, without city approval, and is currently running two to four trains per day. The number of trains will not increase until after the Flat Rock Bridge and welded-track improvements are completed, so nothing has changed.

The current speed limit for trains crossing the Flat Rock Bridge is 5 mph due to structural limitations. The 5 mph speed limit means current trains take about 12 minutes to clear the Jonathan Moore rail crossing. Twelve minutes is a long time and does not make us very happy. In five years, when bridge and track improvements are completed, the trains will have a 25 mph speed limit and will clear the Jonathan Moore rail crossing in slightly over three minutes, about the wait time for two stoplights, not nearly as bad as 12 minutes.