Around Town – March 29

Orchids to …

• the kind gentleman who purchased my lunch at the IUPUC cafeteria.

• Gov. Mike Pence for signing the much-needed Religious Freedom Restoration Act into law to protect individuals, businesses and churches.

• Roger Johnson for his letter to the editor summarizing Mayor Brown’s ability to work closely with employees to achieve positive results.

• Dr. Brock Wagner for taking such good care of Cloe and going the extra miles “literally” to return her to my parents home after her surgery, from Hope Coatsworth.

• people who understand hate and bigotry wrapped in religious freedom is still hate and bigotry.

• Roger Johnson for the great letter.

• all those well informed, non-partisan Democrats who look forward to voting for Mr. Lienhoop as our next mayor.

• the nurses in the ER on the second floor for being so helpful and nice during my short stay in the hospital.

• Roger Johnson for his letter on Mayor Kristen Brown’s accomplishments and much more.

• Dr. Thompson and Dr. Mak at Columbus Regional Hospital for making my husband cancer free.

• Jonathan Bentz and Eddy Bentz for all your much appreciated help, from Pat.

• Dr. Brester at Bean Blossom for his compassionate care in helping send our dog to doggy heaven, from the Jesters.

• Jim Murry for his letter to the editor in Saturday’s newspaper, from a reader who thoroughly enjoyed it.

• Bud Herron for his letter to the editor regarding the leadership qualities of Jim Lienhoop, from someone who agrees.

• Backwood Boys for great gospel music and a fun evening, from Joy.

Happy Birthday to …

• Rodney Hewitt.

• Angie Watson, from your family.

• Jesse Walls, from Hope Moravian Church.

• Cindy Hege Sturgeon, from Hope Moravian Church.

• Bevlah Thompson, from Jean Patrick.

• Zachary Hoover.

• Cathy Klaes.

• Jon Sharp, from your family and Donna.

• Lynnette Krueger, from your family and Donna.

• Connie Bradley, from Donna.

• Jonathan (Red) Robert Wilson, from all your family and friends.

• Mathew Robert Wilson on No. 5, from all your family and friends.

• Richard Garrett, from Chris.

• Cindy Hege Sturgeon, from your Mother.

• Jennifer Horner, from Elsie.

• Joellen Seright.

• Thaise Jessup, from Mom, Dad, Talon and G.G.

• Jayne Allender, from Betty and Barbara.

Belated Wishes to …

• John Nickerson, from Dove Ministries.