Letter: Brown taking high road in mayoral race

From: Peggy Sallee


The mayor’s race is in full swing, and unfortunately, it is politics as usual, with one of the mayoral candidates, that is. We are seeing in Columbus just what we see in the national political races: full-blown personal attacks on an opponent.

One of the mayoral candidates touts that he has been a member of a local church “for 25 years.” Maybe he didn’t learn the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have others do unto you. And don’t say anything if you can’t say something nice, or maybe he thinks these apply to life but not to mayoral campaigns.

There is a sharp contrast between his campaign and Mayor Kristen Brown’s campaign. Her campaign is taking the high road. Nothing different here because that is her standard and how she runs city government as our mayor.

You won’t find Brown and her campaign making personal attacks, but what you will find is her vigorous attack on issues that affect our city as she continues to make Columbus a world-class city. Now that is an attack that I really like. Just recently we heard about the State Street corridor and a buyer for the old pump house. Brown continues to focus on what really matters. She has great plans for the future of Columbus. This includes continuing to repair and rebuild roads by investing another $10 million plus. Who wants to pay for new tires when you hit a pothole? It’s no fun to spend money that way.

Brown has a goal for Columbus to be the safest city of our size in the country. Columbus’ violent crime is in the lowest 10 percent in the nation, but dangerous drugs are prevalent here. She has plans to continue to accelerate narcotics investigations, community policing efforts, leveraging technology to fight crime and cutting the demand for dangerous drugs. Now that’s a winning combination for every resident of Columbus.

Brown has plans to continue her work to sustain a growing economy with well-paying jobs and, most importantly, closing the skills gap so that employers can find employees who have the right skills. The availability of skilled workers is the single most important factor in economic growth. Without a skilled workforce employers won’t want to come to Columbus. She has plans to invest TIF dollars to find custom job training that prepares local residents for needed skill sets.

Brown has plans to continue the revitalization of neighborhoods by elimination of blight, development of affordable housing, neighborhood cleanups and stronger property maintenance codes. Doesn’t everyone want to live in a neighborhood that they can be proud of?

Mayor Brown, thanks for your vigorous attack on making our community a better place to live and having great plans for the future of Columbus. Make your vote count and re-elect Kristen Brown.