Letter: Get involved to curb animal euthanizations

From: Ashleigh Kuhl

Greenwood, formerly of Bartholomew County

Pets are for life.

In the U.S. about 7 million animals enter shelters every year. In those shelters, 95 percent to 99 percent of those animals are healthy and treatable, yet approximately 40 percent of them are killed. What can we do to reduce how many animals are taken to shelters or euthanized? Start locally.

Learn about your local animal welfare groups — shelters, rescues, advocacy programs. Don’t just ask what they do, but see them for yourself and build relationships with those entities. Without doing so, there is no way to see what really goes on behind the scenes. Check reputable resources, see how they represent themselves and personally get involved in the community. Don’t just donate to groups because you like the idea of what they do. Learn their policies, their people and their animals. Look into their statistics.