Around Town – April 8

Orchids to …

• Frank Anderson Tire for always going above and beyond to help people.

• the Johnny Carino’s employee for bringing me the food that was left out of my takeout order, from Julie.

• McKenna McCord for your wonderful singing of the beautiful song at Ogilville Christian Church, from Wanda Johnson.

• First Baptist Church of Hartsville for the wonderful Easter service.

• State Sen. Greg Walker, R-Columbus, and State Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus, and others on their recent vote.

• Linda Scheidt for your years of service as a dedicated and caring community volunteer, and we wish you the best in retirement, from the Volunteer Action Center.

• Zach and Bobby at Lowe’s for a fun learning experience, as we learned about tool safety and following directions to make a neat project, from the pre-K classes at Smith Elementary School.

• Rylan Hensley for gold honor roll, from Grandma and Dad.

• J. Stuart Cundiff for his wonderful letter to the editor in Sunday’s paper, from Wilma Jordan.

• Nicole and Darren on the birth of your daughter Paisley Renee born on Easter morning, from Aunt Nancy.

• oral surgeon Dr. Todd Bergman for the great treatment.

• Jim Lienhoop for recognizing that marketing Columbus around the world needs to be an ongoing effort and not just when you feel like doing it.

Onions to …

• the Madison Park carrier who refuses to put the paper at my door after several requests and The Republic for allowing it to happen.

• the candidates who are flooding the town with signs and not asking permission from homeowners.

• the person responsible for the ridiculously low speed limit on Terrace Lake Road, from a driver.

• neighbors who disregard road closed signs and put others in danger.

• the grocery store that is planning to hire more people but let a hardworking young man go.

• the city for the nonprogressing construction on Indiana Avenue.

• those who can’t tell a negative campaign from a campaign simply telling the truth.

Happy Birthday to …

• Chris Fouts, from Josie and baby-to-be Fouts.

• Jack, from Ellen, Aeriel and Caleb.

• Linda Joy, from your family.

• Aliyah Robertson on No. 10, from Nana and PawPaw Pool.

• Lindsey Foster, from Mom, Grandma Roberts and Bub.

• Kaye Estes, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Dadid Dincent, from Jayla Cole Dincent.

• Maxine Jackson, from Charles, Mary and Elsie.

• Ellen Conner, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Conrad Robertson.

• Natalee Beeker.

• David Miller.

• Marti Crull.

• Patty Lee, from Wayne, Matt, Lisa, Ethan, Katie Lee, Sarah, Ronnie and Paige Chapman.