Letter: Ex-mayor: Proud of legacy of accomplishments

From: Fred Armstrong


One of the great honors of my lifetime was to serve as mayor of Columbus. Columbus is a unique community where all former mayors did their best to leave the next with a solid foundation on which to build.

My days in the mayor’s office are over, and as I continue to read what the current mayor says about my administration, “spending tax dollars secretly,” “unlawfully,” “illegally,” etc., I know that I still have more trust in the voters of Columbus than she does. Why? Because I know Columbus voters would not elect someone five times (one as a city councilman and four terms as mayor) who displayed these traits. Let her say what she will about me, but I had dedicated employees whose integrity and professionalism are challenged with these types of statements.

Last Saturday evening, hundreds of people were enjoying downtown Columbus, a vibrant downtown made possible, in no small part, by the efforts of the former Columbus Downtown Inc. This is the organization which the current mayor refers to as “secret spending, unlawful, illegal.” First and foremost, the Indiana State Board of Accounts would have found questionable practices had there been any. Secondly, the mayor’s “deputy mayor” as she was referred to by the mayor herself, Susan Thayer Fye, was given the task of dismantling CDI and “finding” something secretive, unlawful and/or illegal. Dismantled it is, but I would question that Thayer Fye found anything that was secretive, unlawful or illegal. Ask her.

If this involved only me, I would not be writing this letter. These accusations, however, involve good, honest people, members of my administration who worked hard to make Columbus the place it is today. It involves former elected officials whose characters are being questioned. It involves dedicated city employees who were trusted to perform their jobs and who deserve credit for jobs well done.

The Armstrong record is one of pride, accomplishment, cooperation and partnerships. Run on your own record, not mine.

This is why I am supporting Jim Lienhoop for mayor.