Around Town – April 29

Orchids to …

• The Republic for stopping the madness of political Orchids and Onions.

• Shannon at Dr. Kinsey’s office for always being so helpful and working around my schedule to make appointments, from Linda Ping.

• Anita Cherlin for your kindness and generosity in honoring the legacy and memory of your mother, Betty Essex, by giving me her clerk lapel pin, from Jay Phelps.

• Sydney Patberg for painting the wonderful mural at FFY, from the swim ladies.

• Kelsey in public relations at CRH, from Candace and family.

• the Hauser baseball coach and team for displaying school pride and maintaining their facilities, from a Hauser fan.

• Menards employee and a customer for helping me with outfitting my porch swings.

• James Goddard.

• Joe Daily for being the best dad and grandpa, from Laura and Kate.

• Jill Johnson for the joy she has brought to so many.

• Lane and Gretchen for the gift card; you are great neighbors, from Ron and Judy.

Onions to …

• the trailer court that lets dead trees and limbs fall on our trailers and then we have to deal with our insurance companies.

• the cellphone company for its selling practices on accessories.

• the sprayer that left tracks in my yard on County Road 450N on Monday afternoon.

• the energy company that was supposed to apologize but only sent me a flyer to buy a new air conditioner instead.

• to the employer who is one of the sponsors of Denim Day but won’t let the employees break the dress code.

• businesses that do not take credit cards.

• people not responsible enough to monitor their own utility bills and report any unusual billings and then complain about a makeup bill.

• the county official who acknowledges there is a speeding problem in the county but does nothing to stop it.

• large groups that show up at busy restaurants without calling ahead and expect to be seated right away and all together.

• the hypocritical company that bullies state legislators on the religious freedom act.

• adults who go to events they don’t want to go to so they pout and are rude, trying to ruin it for everyone.

Happy Birthday to …

• Susan Wilcox, from Aunt Jean.

• Lymon Gregory, from your wife, son and family.

• Melinda Foust, from Laura.

• Maddie Goddard on No. 11, from Mom, Dad, Hunter, Grammy, Grandma and Grandpa Goddard.

• Suzie Meredith-Turnbull, from Josh, Dawn, Kamryn, Courtney, Brandon, L.J, Hailynn, Jayden, Dylan, Shelby, Odie, Tito, Gina, Charlie, Keegan, Elizabeth and William.

• Dave Baldwin, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Matthew Taylor.

Belated Wishes to …

• Joyce Garrison, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• David Wasson.

• Toby Kissling.

• Ruth Mullis.

• Belated Anniversary to…

• Herbert and Janice Bennett on No. 63 on April 25, from your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.