Letter: Brown has made good on campaign promises

From: Jim Foulke


Just over four years ago, I inquired, “Who is Kristen Brown?” I was promptly told of her many qualities and attributes. She is a highly educated business professional with financial savvy who cares about our community.

While initially running for mayor, Brown promised transparency, integrity, honesty and openness. She has fulfilled these promises, and in so doing, cronies with a lesser standard were removed. Under her watch our city is safer, neglected areas cleaned up and 4,600 jobs have been added with 500 more committed.

During this campaign period, the other side has practiced divide, negativism and hate. Brown hasn’t time for that. She is a positive lady with a plan for our future to advance Columbus.

Advance our quality infrastructure. Advance our safety and our health. Advance our prosperity. Advance our well-paying jobs. She works hard at advancement for all.