Letter: Grant application process yields best arts ideas

From: Bob Anderson


As the director of a local arts organization and someone deeply involved with the arts, I want to publicly applaud Mayor Kristen Brown for implementing an application process for requesting taxpayer money to fund arts projects.

I love the applications process because it creates competition for the available funds and forces everyone vying for support to come up with the most creative projects possible. It raises the bar on arts in our community and becomes more valuable for us as patrons. When more than one organization is in competition, it diversifies the art forms offered rather than continually repeating what has already been done.

This process now allows everyone a shot at being funded for new projects. Should one project from any particular organization be presented and warrant the entire grant dollars available, then so be it. At least more than one organization had a chance to make their project be known. The process makes it a fair system so it is not a foregone conclusion the same organization will receive all the money year after year without having to answer what the money is going toward.

The citizens have the advantage of receiving the most benefit from this grant application process because only the best ideas will be brought forward.

I give accolades to Brown for holding everyone accountable. She is promoting responsible stewardship of our tax dollars working in partnership with the whole arts community based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks a greater quality art experience for all of us.