Letter: Divisive atmosphere counterproductive

From: Ed and Lynne Sullivan


As we prepare to leave Columbus after 35 wonderful years, we want to thank the community for its former leaders who have brought people together for the common good. Their good work has resulted in a thriving business community; successful public/private partnerships; outstanding schools, colleges and universities; and rich and varied cultural opportunities.

Our great appreciation of the community is currently tempered by the divisive atmosphere that individuals, groups and organizations either have to deal with or are aware of. Those who are aware of it are left feeling sad and uncomfortable as they remember previous administrations in which employees at City Hall were loyal, loved their jobs and remained in them for years.

Jim Lienhoop will bring truth, honesty and thoughtfulness to City Hall. He knows how to listen and is open to suggestions and new ideas. With him in City Hall, we will be able to resurrect the days when stability reigned there and when the community felt good about its leadership.

Lienhoop is a role model for professionalism. His behavior is always appropriate and aboveboard. He always takes the high road. With him, you will not hear swearing; you will not feel curtly dismissed when offering a viewpoint; you will be proud of our mayor.

He will bring new industry to Columbus. With his experience with financial affairs, he will spend judiciously. He will work smoothly with city councilmen and women.

We look forward to visiting Columbus frequently in the future, and we hope that Lienhoop’s leadership will heal the divisiveness we currently feel, will move the city forward and will bring us all together again.