Letter: Election will decide culture of government

From: Lance Snider


Citizens of Columbus are paying especially close attention to the election that will decide our next mayor. I think many realize this is not so much a division of political ideology, but really an election that will decide the culture that will govern our city.

I have witnessed Mayor Kristen Brown strive for a fresh culture of inclusion, where all citizens feel involved, where they receive all relevant decision-making information in a timely manner, and a constant respect for the diligent use of their tax dollars. This is demonstrated by Brown’s use of social media to converse with everyday citizens, and by the fact that as soon as she was elected, she insisted on video streaming in City Hall so that everyone, regardless of work schedule, could monitor meetings.

Her opponent, in my view, has been quite the opposite and has operated under what most would call “politics as usual.” That is to say he has supplied information to the citizens more on a need-to-know basis and sometimes not even that. I personally do not feel the confusion over where our tax money went in the mess called Columbus Downtown Inc. was ever fully explained. With so many wondering, I would think he would take the time to map out his reply. But he has not.

For me, Mayor Kristen Brown is clearly the superior candidate, and for that I thank her and will award her my vote.