Letter: Republican leadership’s actions inappropriate

From: Louis Arterburn


After watching what has been happening during this campaign season, I can no longer hold back how I am feeling. I am deeply disturbed watching how the established Republican Party county officials are behaving.

In the first place, why is the Republican Party challenging its own incumbent mayor who is doing an amazing job?

Secondly, it is shameful for the party chairwoman, Barbara Hackman, to show any favoritism at all toward one candidate over another in any race for any seat. However, she has done this boldly in several ways.

Not only has she verbalized her support of certain candidates over others, she has now shown a tangible error in judgment by financially contributing to one. That is terrible. It is a complete breach of her duties as county party chairwoman and according to the party’s state bylaws would render a party member not in good standing.

Additionally, her recent treatment of a brave citizen willing to offer his service to our community was atrocious. Should the chairman have any problem or difference with a member or candidate, it should be dealt with privately with the individual. For Hackman to withhold known concerns about a candidate’s filing for months and never speak directly to the candidate about it but turn the information over to the candidate’s opponent just before election day is horrible.

It is my hope all individuals with an interest in this, and all elections, would maintain respect for each other. With all things equal, the ones who are respectful are the ones who get my vote every time.