Around Town – May 5

Orchids to …

• That Special Touch for your generosity in making Corey Hash’s prom a very special moment in his life, from his family.

• the women who paid for our food Sunday at the fast food chain.

• Michelle at Michelle’s Renaissance for saving the day.

• Helmsburg and Sprunica elementary schools in Brown County for the great job earning four-star ratings.

• Dr. Drew Robertson for his letter.

• Columbus Transit for the way it handled the situations Friday, from John Tinkey.

• Columbus Free Methodist for an awesome service and dinner on Sunday.

• Gordon Elsbury at Elsbury Greenhouse for the vegetable plants for our courtyard, from Parkside students.

• Judy Kiesow for the meal presentation class and the food to take home.

• the organizers of the Women’s Expo.

Onions to …

• the people who didn’t read the Orchid on how to have a more positive day because they only read the Onions.

• people who think prison is rehab.

• liars who cry and backpedal when they get caught.

• the man who took a fire truck home with him, wasting taxpayers’ precious gas money.

• the utility company for your mistake.

• the young people who looked like they were more dressed for a golf outing than a prom court picture.

• nosy neighbors who watch your every move while you’re outside.

• the family that backbites, gossips and lies to get trouble started, saying they are Christians and using Jesus’ name in their lies.

• the person who took the marker off a grave plot.

• the people who mow and blow their grass into the roads and on the sidewalks.

• the people who throw their trash out of their car windows into yards and streets.

• a manager who continues to allow a supervisor to bully employees.

Happy Birthday to …

• Desiree Poteete.

• Donna Condon, from Dad, Mom and all your family and friends.

• Katelyn Stowers from Mom, Alan, Tommi, Lily, April, Chris, Braelynn, Misty, Sam, Logan, Garrett, Grace and Grandma.

• Katelynn Mabis, from Martha Erickson.

• Brenda Dillingham, from Teresa, Craig and Natasha.

• Kathleen Clouse, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Gary Dodd, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Tony Kaiser, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Dave Irvine.

• Kiersten Gross.

• Zachary Miller.

• John W. Parker.

• Sandy Caldwell.

• Evelyn R. Thayer.

• Imogene Butler, from your Home-Ec friends.

• Brenda Dillingham, from your sisters, Ava and Teresa, and the rest of your family.

• Evan Wheeler, from your family and Donna.

• Lynn Detwiler, from your family, Georgina and Donna.

Belated Wishes to …

• Pam Lienhoop, from Chris and Vicki.

• Sam Simmermaker, from friends.

• Lucas Shaw, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Amelia Robertson.

• Teresa Whittington.

• Mika Ross.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Jerry and Nancy on No. 1, from Nancy Hunter.

• Nancy, from Jerry.