Around Town – May 8

Orchids to …

• Bartholomew County reserve deputies for volunteering their time.

• the gentleman who bought my lunch at Burger King when I realized too late I didn’t have my wallet, from the embarrassed carpenter.

• Dylan Bottorff, we are so proud of you for graduating boot camp and officially becoming a Marine, from your proud family.

• Amanda at McDonald’s on National Road for being so friendly and having a beautiful smile, from a Monday morning customer.

• the paramedics and all the people at Whipker’s Market who helped when my mom took ill.

• Sandra Condra, we are so proud of you for all your hard work on earning your bachelor’s of nursing degree, from Kevin, Cierra, Skylar, Mom, Dad, Connie, Bill, Matt, Lori, Brittany, Cole, Dave, Nick, Luke, the rest of your family and Lowell Baptist Church family.

• Uriah and Rob of Thrive Alliance for the great job they did to make Kay’s house safer for her needs.

• Jennifer for the wonderful customer service at JC Penney, from Debbie Gatewood.

• Uncle Mark for fixing my rototiller promptly instead of having to wait around for two or three weeks, and it’s working great.

• Travis of Columbus Animal Control for his quick response and his care of rescuing the kitty in the tree.

• the well-informed voters.

• Mayor Kristen Brown for four great years and a positive campaign.

• Izabella Martinez for receiving her fourth quality behavior award.

• Carey, Brad, Riley, Macy and Reid for my beautiful birthday flowers, from Aunt Bren.

• Mayor Brown for lowering my taxes.

• Mike and Tom Dell at Dell Brothers for great customer service, from Pat Meyers.

• Harley and Lois Hines for their help and awesome friendship, from John Tinkey.

• Nora Begley on your college graduation, from all your family.

• the neighbor who mowed my front lawn at North Wood Lake.

• Don Ward for being a true friend for driving a friend to the Indianapolis airport when I had issues with my car, from Carolyn Burton.

• Susan and Kenny Whipker for offering jumper cables to the tired vote center worker whose car wouldn’t start on Tuesday night.

• Barney Quick for another great column, from someone who wishes he would run for mayor next election.

Onions to …

• the construction worker at Seventh and Washington streets on Wednesday morning who waved me through the intersection and put me and my very small car directly into the path of a huge 4×4 pickup truck.

• the unruly parents at the elementary school basketball games on Tuesday and Wednesday — these games are for the children, not for parents to embarrass their children by hollering at each other in the stands and at the officials and opposing coaches when things don’t go your way, from officials.

• people who come to work in a different mood everyday and make us walk on eggshells because of it.

• the people who got what they wanted and four years later decide that is not what they want.

• The Republic columnist who insists Earth is flat.

• law enforcement head who is all talk and no show.

• county officials who have done nothing to increase the number of officers on the street for years.

• The Republic for printing the column with incendiary comments about global warming, racism and sustainability.

• the community columnist who suggested that climate change is fiction.

• the candidate for blaming the election loss on negative campaigning by the opponent.

• those who think you shouldn’t cross party lines because your party has no candidate when you should still have a say as to who’s going to lead the town you live in.

• the editors at The Republic who edit the Orchids and Onions instead of putting them in the way they were sent in.

• self-proclaimed pundits who don’t believe discrimination exists or that the government should make laws to protect people.

Happy Birthday to …

• Vince Johnson on your special day, from Ron and Sara.

• Monica Huntsman, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Sandy Graham, from your family.

• Dave Munt, from Mom, Yanice, Christopher, Katherine and Donna.

• Myrl Griffith, from Dove Ministries.

• Rayetta Mize.

• Marla Batt.

• Nancy Murphy-Speer, from friends.

• Lorna Miller, from Sue.

Belated Wishes to …

• Irma Glick, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Dustin Keller, from Mom, Toby and Dove Ministries.

• my dad Dustin Keller, from Blake.

• Toby Keller, from Mom, Dustin, Blake, Aunt Tonya and Dove Ministries.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Harold and Debbie Sims.