Letter: Letter misses mark on government’s role

From: Joseph Green


It looks like the letter to the editor on Sunday by Tim Grimm was pretty grim. He criticized Barney Quick for just about everything. Too bad Grimm gets his talking points from liberal progressives and not the scientific community that he claims. Of course there is global warming and global cooling; it happens every summer and winter. All of the radical scientists from the UK, Sweden and the U.S. have been humiliated by the truth. Their numbers were fictitious, made up and proven so. The same as the radicals in the mid ’60s and ’70s who proclaimed another ice age was upon us and we need to do something now. Well it’s passed now, and there’s no polar ice caps in Delaware.

To quote Grimm, “Speaking ignorance often enough can dismantle the truth.” That’s what Grimm thinks, and President Obama and Al Gore rely on for power. Diversity, OK to a degree, but this country was built on assimilation not diversity. Radical diversity is running rampant in some places in our country and is finally recognized for the beast that it is.

As for Grimm’s opinions on education and government, his assertions couldn’t be further from the truth. When the government interferes with education, kids and communities fail. Just ask Baltimore or Detroit or all the other cities and communities that government has exceeded its constitutional powers and tried to government the people. The people must run, trust and be the government, not an out-of-control bureaucracy that can’t get anything right. Just ask Obamacare, the United States Postal Service, Amtrak, most public education programs (Michelle Obama makes us eat that stuff?) and any of the other programs that government micromanages and pours tons of our dollars into.

Quick is a masterful writer and speaks of truth, he speaks of justice and our community in powerful ways. As opposed to Grimm’s notion, he shouldn’t write for The Republic, he should actually have his column on the first page.