Around Town – June 6

Orchids to …

• Madelyn and Jennifer and Marcus Speer, I will always treasure the beautiful blanket you made for my retirement gift, from Mrs. Kaufman.

• Patty in the Walmart dress section for being so cheerful and helpful.

• Misty and Garrett Shipley for letting me and Starr stay with you for a week, Shandi Green for giving up her bedroom for us and Evan Green for helping take care of Starr, from Aunt Pam.

• Amy Keller, as God has blessed you with many talents and he will make sure you use them in the future.

• the fourth-grade class at Parkside School for letting me be Buffalo Bill at your Pioneer Days Festival and for sending the wonderful thank-you notes, they brought tears to the eyes of the Old Scout.

• Gregg Rebber at Renner Motors Body Shop for exceptional customer service and for exceeding expectations when fixing my van, from Carol Ashbrook.

• the kind gentleman who found and returned my debit card at the Kroger gas station.

• the young man at the Burger King drive-thru window who was so complimentary to the elderly couple.

• Ann Martin for the great article in the paper on Friday.

• the three Richards Elementary teachers who celebrated Kobe’s birthday on the last day of school, from two grateful parents.

• Veronica Sharp at Kohl’s for going out of her way to help me find the suit, shirt and tie my husband saw online for our 50th wedding anniversary, from Mrs. Johns.

• Ann Martin for a very-well-written letter, from Patsy.

• colorful banners welcoming June Pride Month.

• Madison Holmes for making the honor roll every grading period the past year, from Dad.

• Officers Trisler and Kushman for being so kind to me at my home, from Sharon Phillips.

• Alesha Fields for making the dean’s list at Ivy Tech, from Mom, Dad and Jacob.

• Ann Martin for her accurate and timely letter about pain medications in Friday’s newspaper.

Onions to …

• county officials who allowed finances to get out of control.

• the school official who did not invite all retirees to the end-of-the-year celebration.

• people who don’t realize that geese are not meant to stay in Indiana all year.

• Wednesday’s opinion page and picture.

• the business owner who screams at his customers.

• hospitals that don’t take responsibility for their mistakes.

• the lady who sold me a broken statue at a garage sale.

• the local political party that does not have qualified people to run for office.

Happy Birthday to …

• Cody Laney, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Madonna King, from your friends at SIHO.

• Roger Baker, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Arvella Gilpin, from your family, Melody and Donna.

• Jane Sullivan, from your family and Donna.

• Faith Robertson and Karyn Konetzka.

• Angela Lanham from Mom.

• Misty Gilham-Shipley, from Aunt Pam.

• Grandma Arvella, from Josh, Ashley, Brandi and Travis.

• Nana Arvella, from Tristan, Avery, Tyler and Ashley.

• Mom Arvella, from Ron, Sharon, Donna and family.

• Lester Perkinson Jr., from Mom, Dad and all the family.

• Don Martin, from your children, brothers, sisters and the rest of your family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Tim Crull.

• Douglas Bruce Sigman.

• Julie Harker Alano.

• Caydin Anderson.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Greg and Allison Simo, from Mom and Dad Weddle.