Tri Kapp Bridgerama results

Bridgerama is a fundraiser for Tri Kappa Sorority. All proceeds are used to fund college scholarships for local high school seniors attending North, East and Hauser.

This spring five scholarships were awarded, including the Abby Brinkman Scholarship.

Tri Kappa Bridgerama closed the 2014-15 playing year with the following pairs winning with highest scores in their play group:

  • Team A: Norma King and Bambi Wigh
  • Team G: Bev Chinn and Claire Jones
  • Team K: Claudette Schroer and Doreen Stache
  • Team Q: Ann and Tom Rottinghaus
  • Team T: Doris Demaree and Bev McDermott
  • Team Z: Elaine Cure and Pat Lundin
  • Team AAA: Jack Heaton and Bill Sorgius
  • Team E/S: Gwen Wilkerson and Wigh

The Bridgerama playoff was June 3 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The winners were:

  • First place: Wigh and Wilkerson
  • Second place: Chinn and Georgia Long (playing for Group Z)
  • Third place: Heaton and Sorgius

Bridgerama play starts in October and ends the middle of May. For more information, call Jean Ozols at 812-376-6674.