Letter: Governor’s policies drive Indiana to the bottom

From: Denny Kubal


Gov. Mike Pence is fighting to make Indiana No. 1. Indiana is the fifth-worst air polluter in the country. Pence is still suing the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent implementation of modest measures to improve Indiana’s air quality. He wants to move Indiana up to the No. 1 worst polluter.

Indiana ranked 11th in per capita income in 2014. Pence signed a repeal of the common construction wage and refuses to consider increasing the minimum wage, keeping wages among the lowest. He has more ideas to depress wages and move us up to the No. 1 lowest wage state.

Pence’s policies have sunk Indiana’s economy to an embarrassing 0.04 percent growth rate, the seventh-lowest in the country. He assures us if we just trust him and his GOP buddies for four more years, he can easily push Indiana to No. 1 lowest in the country.

I just can’t understand how only 34 percent of Hoosiers view Pence favorably. Maybe if he just passed another religious freedom bill and made a few appearances on national TV to apologize for his policies, his numbers will just shoot up.

Let’s give Pence another chance to drive Indiana to the bottom and embarrass us still again. We all know he can do it.