Around Town – July 29

Orchids to …

• Columbus Township Trustee Ben Jackson and Love Chapel for partnering to create a homeless shelter in our community.

• Jennifer Roberts, Jessica Royer, John and Tina Adams, Dave Scott, German Township Volunteer Fire Department, Jerry and Diana Burton and Darlene Tapscott for all the help on the bake sale, from Taylorsville Crime Watch.

• the nice gentleman and his family at Taku Steakhouse around 6 p.m. Saturday for paying for our dinner, from Jeremy and Beverly Russell.

• Allen and Harriet Dillman for their help and friendship, from a friend.

• Jackson County Fair board for not charging people to park in the dirt.

• the Voyles family for all the help after the flood, from Ed Evans and Cheryl.

• Kim Tomlinson for the wonderful Taylor Baldwin reunion this past Sunday, from Rachael.

• the person who found my purse at Applebee’s on Saturday and returned it, from Karen.

• Steve at Max’s Jewelry Store for the great customer service, from Nancy.

• Allen Smith who gave my grandson the chickens which made him very happy, from Grandma and Pete Gordan and Mary.

Onions to …

• gas prices in Columbus when it is $1.93 a gallon in Indy.

• people who complain about semi trucks and drivers; if you have a legitimate complaint, contact the company listed on the side of the semi.

• the five bicyclists downtown who don’t feel the need to stop at a stop sign.

• violent offenders living in public housing.

• people who cannot stay at their own home to watch TV and eat and instead intrude upon others.

• the nonprofit organization with very poor management.

• the people who complain about their tree limbs not being picked up when there are thousands of people affected and only a handful of people trying to serve everyone on overtime in this heat — please appreciate them.

Happy Birthday to …

• Heather Weddle, from Grandma and Grandpa Weddle.

• Gayle Nay, from your family, Chris, Joyce, Marcie and Donna.

• Gayle Dudley, from Trish, Neal, Spot, Don, Margie and Earl.

• Mom, Phyllis Mouser, from Kenny and Jill.

• Matt Marlin, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Jared Sweet, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ravania Frazier-Bey

• Kylie Tharp.

• Everett Sims.

• Griff Roth.

• Leann LeMaster.

• Melanie Stone.

• Phyllis Mouser, from Jean Patrick.

Belated Wishes to …

• Allen Dillman, from the Hamilton Group.

• Sheila Behrman, from Pat, Debbie, Eris, Jane, Baleria, Anne, Julie, Carole, Cindy, Nancy and Sheryl.

• Kaitlyn Landis from Mom, Dad and Michaela.

• Jack Hilycord from Loretta, Pam, Tammy, Darla, Tammy, Susan, Mindy, Patti, Regina, Lee Ann, Becky, Rhonda and Doris.

• Jonathan N. Martin on No. 16, from Mom, Scott and Madi.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Evan and Janet Clouse, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• John and Amber Ross, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Connie and Mark Scott on No. 26, from Allison, Matthew, Jordan, Molly, Kaye and Judy.

Belated Anniversary to

• Wendall and Coleen Sweeney, from John Tinkey.