Cross-training eases foot issue

The ball of my right foot feels better due to my mix of running with cross-training.

Along with my regular running, I have been walking on the People Trails and biking with the Wednesday Night Downtown Road Bikers. I like to lift weights a couple of times a week, too.

Yoga has been important to my training and a good complement to running. One of my favorite yoga positions is “Tree Pose” as it is good for strengthening calves and feet and helps with balance. I also like the “Triangle Pose” because it stretches out your upper legs and improves core balance.

The “Downward Dog Pose” stretches the backs of my calves and feet. Planks strengthen my arms and shoulders. Many of the yoga poses involve stretching the hamstrings, which is important for runners. The best part of yoga is the relaxation and meditation time at the end. It is a nice break from the everyday pressures of life.

A big issue for me right now is time management. As I increase my mileage, how can I fit everything in?

I have tried to learn to say no to unnecessary distractions and get more focused. But I am still struggling with keeping up. In between work, family and personal commitments, I find it difficult to achieve balance.

I am going to set a goal for the next few weeks and try to get my mileage in early in the morning as much as possible. I know runners are not supposed to split up the mileage, but for me it is the only way to get the mileage in on some days.

I continue to struggle with the tedium of long runs. I don’t run with music, but it is tempting to do so in order to distract myself. Running in new places and changing routes is a good way to keep myself motivated.

Once in a while, I hit the treadmills at the gym. The treadmill is nice to use at times when I don’t want to be outside in the glaring sun.

I am looking forward to the Mill Race Marathon and hope that I can make a decent showing. I know that everyone says that it’s good to just finish a marathon, but I want to do my best nonetheless and do well.

Kirsten Bouthier's training schedule


TUESDAY: Group workout in morning, aerobics, strength training, core training; group running session at Central Middle School track in evening with about 3 miles of drills and tempo running.

WEDNESDAY: Bike 20 miles with Wednesday Night Downtown Road Bikers; yoga.

THURSDAY: Group workout in morning, aerobics, strength training, core training; run 6 miles easy.

FRIDAY: Rest day; yoga.

SATURDAY: Run 19 miles with Mill Race Marathon group in morning; yoga and weights.

SUNDAY: Walk/run 7 miles; yoga.