Around Town – August 29

Orchids to …

• my wonderful friend — thank you for my beautiful flowers and the card, I love you too, from Pam Fischer.

• Jewel Fleetwood for his provocative letter challenging our thinking about timely national concerns, from Dot Yeaton.

• Bill and Tracy Anderson for the awesome care and love of pets, from Wanda.

• John Walter for your intelligent letter to the editor.

• WCSI for the passes to the Indy Knife and Gun Show, from John Tinkey.

• good friends.

• Pat Brown and June Coy for helping us when we needed it most, from your kids.

• Nora Coleman for organizing Thursday’s wonderful Parkside Heath Fair, the presenters for a masterful job of informing the student body about living a healthy and active lifestyle, and the helpers for donating their time and energy to help convey the health fair’s message, from Parkside Pirates.

• Jim Lienhoop for being such a good and empathetic listener.

• Heather Pope for all the great service she provides to our city and the positive energy she brings to City Hall.

• Harry McCawley on an awesome column on Sheila Snively, from John Tinkey.

• Sheila Snively for her awesome service to The Republic, from John Tinkey.

• Bud and Gerri for the delicious tomatoes, from Cindi.

• Amazing Grace thrift store for your kindness you’re store is great.

• Brian Gilroy for praying with me over the phone, from Bill.

• Jewel Fleetwood for the wonderful letter to the editor Aug. 27 in which he hit the nail on the head.

• Roy the van driver for the senior citizens center who assists seniors to purchase groceries every Thursday morning; his kindness and extra help transporting the groceries to our home is very appreciated, from a senior citizens member, Evelyn Jewell.

Onions to …

• school staff who raise their voices at young kids before school as you should be nice, be kind, help them start their day off with a smile.

• editorialists who think raising taxes is an acceptable price taxpayers should pay for poor county management and advise county tax hikes without any awareness that county tax rates have risen 38 percent just since the TIFs were formed.

• the large superstore for having one manual wheelchair if any at all.

• the man who is rude to his neighbor for no reason.

• people who cuss and yell at their kids.

• the person who thinks all handicaps are visible as some handicaps are not visible, such as a heart condition.

• the person that had such a scowl on her face when I saw her that I didn’t dare invade her personal space.

• neighbors who treat your lawn like theirs, helping themselves to whatever they like.

• sick cashiers that have no clue how many people they can infect with their illnesses and to the managers that allow this to happen.

• neighbors who complain about other neighbors all the time.

• those for a stoplight at Fourth and Washington streets which is green far longer for Fourth Street, a lightly traveled road.

• the school corporations for paying much below surrounding counties, you get what you pay for.

• those for the broken traffic light at Taylor Road and Waycross even after being reported months ago.

• all the holes and bumps on Hawcreek Avenue between 17th and 25th streets.

• the person at the elementary school who parks in the handicapped spot with no handicapped tag.

Happy Birthday to …

• Art Kroot on No. 70, from all of your employees.

• Dylan Greathouse on No. 21, from grandpa, Mom, Shawn, Katelynn, Sammy, all your aunts and uncles and the rest of your family.

• Maggie McNamee, from friends and family.

• Donna Smith, from your friends and admins at Cummins.

• Rhonda Wilder, from your family and Donna.

• Judy Zeigler, from Chuck, Stormy and Haylen.

• Brenda Pitts, from your family and Donna.

• Bret Johnson, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Doug Settle, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Josh Bowman.

• Braden Young.

• Joan Venable.

• Skyler Morrow, from Jessica, Mason, Jennifer, Stephanie, David, Bobbi, Kaydence, Steven and Easton.

• Jeremy Everett, from Mom and Dad.

• Donna Smith, from Chris and Joyce.

• Dave Harris, from Jan.

• Donna Smith, from a friend.

• Judy Zeigler, from Haylen in Memphis.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Tom and Karen Hounshell from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Brian Elkins on No. 12, from your wife Annie Elkins.

• Nancy Clark on No. 45, from Roger Clark.

ANOTHER beautiful morning