3 weeks off slows progress

The past two weeks have been great.

The weather this month hasn’t been terribly bad, so that helps with getting out any time of day and training hard. Three weeks off due to my foot injury has taken a lot out of me, and my fitness is showing it.

Everything is 20 to 30 seconds a mile slower than where I should be this time of year for a fall marathon.

My easy-paced runs are pretty close to where they were before the injury, but that just goes to show that your aerobic fitness doesn’t fade nearly as quickly as specific fitness for an event.

My goal pace for the Mill Race Marathon is what I’m running for my tempo runs now. Tempos have roughly always been between 15 to 20 seconds quicker a mile than my marathon has been for that given training cycle.

So although I still plan to run the marathon, I don’t see myself being at the level where I want to be.

On the bright side, I am back running.

I can feel my fitness improving each week, and my plan is to continue to increase mileage throughout all of September, training right up to Mill Race.

The only workout I have been adding into my week are the tempo runs. However, I’ve run with Christian Wagner a few times and he has done well at making me suffer on “easy” days.

He is very fit for his upcoming 100-miler, and I take every opportunity to run with him as it makes me a better, faster runner.

Danny Fisher's training schedule

MONDAY: Easy 4 miles

TUESDAY: 2 miles, tempo run plus strides

WEDNESDAY: 9.5 miles steady


FRIDAY: 3.5 miles easy

SATURDAY: Long run, 10 miles