Letter: Show women consulting with Satan before abortions

From: Robert Edwards


After seeing a couple of letters about the recent Planned Parenthood videos, I’ve felt compelled to say something as well. Just as the previous writers, I agree that we should ignore the larger context of how these videos were obtained and edited because I also disagree with the actions of who they are targeting.

If you are attacking something you perceive as wrong, then we can absolutely justify lying to obtain video footage and later editing it to show something that multiple investigations prove doesn’t happen. See, it doesn’t matter that the Planned Parenthood videos are misleading, just that they make bad people look bad.

Like every good Christian, I believe that two wrongs make a right and that lying to get what I want is perfectly fine. Wasn’t it Jesus who said that this world was his kingdom and that we should do everything we can to force everyone to live by Christian morals?

Now that we’ve exposed the evil of Planned Parenthood, next we can work on passing a law to not only make abortion illegal, but to enforce the death penalty upon anyone who attempts to have an abortion. Maybe next we can edit some video to show women consulting with Satan before their abortion, to help swing public opinion toward the death penalty for the murderers who have abortions.