Court News 09-06-15

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Circuit Court. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Circuit Court



PNC Bank, National Association, vs. Linda Orff, Edinburgh, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $40,968.10.

Susan Carter vs. Hobby Lobby Stores Inc., complaint for damages.

Fifth Third Mortgage Co. vs. William W. Koons Jr., West Carr Hill Road, and Larry Calhoun Sr., North County Road 500W, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $207,539,97.

Estate of Frances Lunsford vs. Dr. William F. Lustig and Kindred Nursing Center, doing business as Columbus Health and Rehabilitation Center, complaint for damages.

Green Tree Servicing vs. Michael W. and Stacey R. Cravens, Harvest Lane, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Centra Credit Union vs. Susan K. Clason, Poplar Street, complaint to foreclose mortgage, $554,918.19.

Wells Fargo Bank vs. Anthony M. Sabatino, East St. Joe Court, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Auto Owners Insurance Co. vs. the estate of Gerald Clayton, Wyndham Place North, $258,985.29.

U.S. Bank National Association vs. Rebecca Larrison, Kelli Drive, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. vs. Jilberto Salas, South County Road 100W, $19,168.22.

U.S. Bank National Association vs. Dianne K. Warnell, North Vernon, complaint to foreclose mortgage.

Dissolutions of Marriage


Steven Dale Mayo, Bartholomew County, vs. Leslie Nicole Mayo, Bartholomew County, married March 4, 2012, separated June 30, 2015.

Kimberly Danielle Redmon, Miami Drive, vs. Derek William Redmon, Spring Lake, North Carolina, married Dec. 23, 2008, separated July 30, 2014, two children.

Tracey A. Lashbrook, Columbus, vs. Larry W. Lashbrook, Stirrup Lane, married Oct. 9, 2004, separated July 28, 2015, one child.

Sharon W. Thompson, North County Road 425E, vs. Daniel D. Thompson, South Gladstone Avenue, married Oct. 20, 2012, separated April 26, 2015.

David Lee Carter, South County Road 400W, vs. Stellia Mae Carter, East County Road 750N, married March 9, 2012, separated July 2, 2015.

Paul Casey Cole, Bartholomew County, vs. Emily Hope Cole, Bartholomew County, married Sept. 8, 2012, separated Aug. 10, 2015, one child.

Samantha Sue Chaplin, Bartholomew County, vs. Joshua James Chaplin, Bartholomew County, married Dec. 9, 2003, separated Oct. 26, 2007, one child.

Steven Dale Cain, State Road 58S, vs. Amanda Kate McIntosh Cain, Seymour, married Nov. 15, 2013, separated Dec. 27, 2014.

Tony L. Brown, Elizabethtown, vs. Heather Dawn Brown, Elizabethtown, married Feb. 16, 2013, separated July 20, 2015, one child.

Jason Wicker, Taylorsville, vs. Elizabeth Jarvis Smith, Irving, Texas, married March 10, 2014, separated June 30, 2014.

Brian Staublin, Lakestream Drive, vs. Kimberly J. Mills, Lakestream Drive, married May 29, 2011, separated July 14, 2015.

Taylor Morgan Lambert-Reed, Mapleton Court, vs. Zachary Richard Reed, Hope, married March 25, 2014, separated May 1, 2015.

Guy Matthew Tyler Hendricks, Westport, vs. Bronwen Elizabeth Hendricks, Kelli Drive, married May 7, 2011, separated July 7, 2015.

Christopher E. Dunlap, Briar Ridge Way, vs. Sara B. Dunlap, Caldwell Place, married July 27, 2002, separated Oct. 31, 2014, two children.

Kelly A. Fuller, Hartsville, vs. Shawn S. Fuller, Bartholomew County, married June 17, 2010, separated April 23, 2015, two children.

Superior Court II

Small Claims

Candlelight Village and/or JC Candlelight Homes, vs. Martin and Kristina Barnett and Josh Harrell, Rosewood Drive, $663, $301 and eviction; Rebecca and Dylan Mankin, Lamplight Drive, $845, $445.96 and eviction; and Jon Smith, Autumn Ridge Drive, $441.13, $842 and eviction.

Jimmy Myers, Bonifay, Florida, vs. Jason Perry, South County Road 100W, $3,300.

KD Rentals, Nashville, vs. Carrie Peden, 15th Street, $830 and eviction.

A-K Properties vs. Mark and Tanya Ciesiolka, East County Road 50N, undetermined amount and eviction.

Steven Cain, North County Road 200W, vs. James and Kandy Haddix, West County Road 600N, $1,000 and eviction.

Joli Rentals vs. JoElla Cooper, Hutchins Avenue, unspecified amount and eviction.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Amanda Bryant-Zolton and David Murphy, 28th Street, $678 and eviction.

Personal Finance Co. vs. Daniel J. Hamilton, Elizabethtown, $3,432.43.

Collection Associates vs. Ernest W. Leonard, Columbus, $5,243.43.

Allied Collection Service vs. Ashley D. Coomer, Indianapolis, $2,392.59; John R. Darlage, Washington Street, $2,266.75; Skylar M. Elkins, Sycamore Court, $1,334.07; Christopher M. England, Willow Brook Drive, $1,864.68; William H. Fear, Greenfield, $958.50; Michael Lucas, South Jonesville Road, $1,777.83; Mickey Harden, Nashville, $2,024.82; Becky A. Hoang, Seventh Street, $1,069.50; and Jennifer L. Kidd, North Gladstone Avenue, $1,587.

Allied Collection Service vs. Crystal L. Larrison, Chaucer Drive, $2,382.16; Leilah Maureen Smith, 20th Street, $2,674.75; Heather D. Wright, Hope, $872; Jory Banks, Hege Avenue, $3,785.98; Jovan Brothers, Ruddick Avenue, $4,048.34; Darren L. Bumbalough, Lafayette Avenue, $5,078.61; Janice Daly, Hope, $1,925.11; Krista Dickinson, Martinsville, $3,870.08; Tim A. Doyen, Flat Rock, $1,201.92; and Ashley N. Frye, Batesville, $2,323.75.

Personal Finance Co. vs. Robin K. and Melissa J. Rutan, West County Road 300S, $2,999.47; Terry L. and Angela S. Williams, Streamside Drive, $3,207.74; Aaron J. Gill, Columbus, $765.72; and James R. and Melody D. Ogle, Rosewood Lane, $1,571.37.

John McIntyre, Newton Street, vs. Randy Elliott, Versailles, $2,500.

Richard Sprague, for JBS Rentals, vs. Chris Ward Johnson, Lafayette Avenue, complaint for eviction.

Alicia A. Papa, North Miami Ridge Road, vs. Sterling Garage Doors Inc., Behren Court, $5,000.

Marcia J. Monroe vs. Walmart Supercenter, Whitfield Drive, $2,282.80.

Bob and Judy Mead, Briar Drive, vs. Lewis Concrete Contracting, North County Road 500W, $7,245.

Personal Finance Co. vs. Mark R. Close and Christy L. Hubbard, McClure Road, $1,066.05.

April Goldsberry, Paris Crossing, vs. Progressive Insurance Co., Tampa, Florida, $4,547.15.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. James Ott, Union Street, $535 and eviction.

Taylorsville Tire Co. vs. Angie Plowman, Silkwood Drive, $280.60; Judy Blackburn, Shelbyville, $530; Brian Conner, Franklin, $599.39; Tom Sharma, Carrie Lane, $751.25; Kenny Scroggins, Nicholasville, Kentucky, $1,175.75; Quality Builders Inc., Franklin, $1,556.48; and Larry Brown, Connersville, $1,972.21.

Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall vs. Sandra J. Walls, 13th Street, $278.18.

Midwest Computer Solutions, State Street, vs. Kyle Willey, Nicholas Lane, $310.