Letter: Society too accepting of increasing levels of violence

From: Nancy Warren


Every day we read about, hear about or watch acts of violence. They may occur on a computer screen, a game, television, movie or in the home, but whatever the mode, the final outcome is this: Over time and repeated exposure to acts of violence, the human mind becomes desensitized to it.

If this comment on reality is questioned, look around and consider the amount of everyday violence in our society and in our city. Ask yourself if it is as disturbing to you as it once was, or if you have changed and are no longer shocked by the violence to which you and your children are exposed.

I must ask: When will someone take a stand and speak out against violence? When will it become important to all of us to do everything within our power as parents, grandparents, teachers, mental health professionals and all others who care to take concrete action to stop it? How many violent movies or other venues of violence does it take before we are moved into that action? How much pornography does it take before we turn away in disgust?

When will we realize that young minds, particularly those young minds that may be unstable and even more vulnerable to influence, can become desensitized to the extent that killing another human being becomes the norm?

It is not surprising to me that we have so much violence in our society; what is surprising is that we seem to accept it by looking the other way while doling out the money for violent and obscene movies, by not taking a stand with TV producers, by continuing to purchase products of any kind depicting acts of violence, all of which puts our money into the pockets of the purveyors of violence while damaging the minds of our youths.

Please think about this and please be the one to lead action against violence.