Around Town – September 24

Orchids to…

• the lady in the checkout line at Kohl’s who paid the bill for the young mother in line ahead of her, from the woman standing behind you.

• Holly Ringer from The Republic for help with the Love Note ad of my niece for me, from Raquel.

• Shirish, Jason, Tom and Jill from Cummins for your enthusiastic help with our annual fundraising mailing, from DSI.

• Mr. Harold Burton for the Sweet D onions, from Dr. J. Nieters and staff.

• Eva Yezeret and Brett McIntyre for leading a successful inaugural Youth Day of Service that was meaningful to teens and elementary iCARE students alike.

• Lee Swanson for his tireless dedication to helping anyone who needs his help in our community and his boundless positive, giving spirit, from the Volunteer Action Committee.

• Wayne Meek from Wayne’s 24 Hour Tire Service for his hard work in support of the Sound of North marching band, from Glen Haegele.

• Officer Oliver and the Marine who works at Auto Zone for your help Tuesday night, from Vanas Little Dale Roberts.

• Sandy Watts, a very special friend, who made turning 50 a fun-filled and exciting adventure, from Jolinn Bodkins.

• the wonderful volunteers who have made this Book Buddies year get off to a great start. The children and I couldn’t do it without you! You are appreciated more than you know.

• the gentleman at Walmart on Monday that offered to go back in for an item that was forgotten so I did not have to take the kids back in, from a grateful mother.

• the people who provided all the paint at the residential efforts of United Way Days of Caring and Service.

• the people who replaced Nellie’s front door that had been a constant source of worry on the Day of Service.

• the lady on County Road 650E Tuesday evening and all the other drivers for being patient with the farm equipment on narrow roads this busy time of year.

• Erin and co-worker at Xfinity, for your beautiful personality and all you do to help all customers.

• the person who paid for our meal at Cracker Barrel on Sunday. You made an old couple very happy, from the Dukes.

• Miriam Wolverton, for sending in the picture to Around Town of the deer and its two twin babies. That is beautiful.

• Tom Wetherald, for letting us utilize extra space next door for our big events, from Amari Arrangements.

• all the nurses at Columbus Regional Hospital, for the excellent care I received, from Bob D.

Onions to …

• council members who have created the financial mess that the county is currently in.

• the family member that made a scene and nearly ruined a wedding.

• the elementary school that is leaving primary grades without teachers due to a lack of substitutes and not using all available staff to cover those classrooms.

• government for paying for housing which competes with small-business landlords without even asking how many empty units they have.

• The Republic paper carrier in Edinburgh who never includes the Edinburgh Courier on Thursday or coupons on Sunday.

• the person who took one of my dishes from Long Road that I use to feed the kitty cats. Please return.

• those who don’t understand the fact that veterans provide them with the ability to live the freedoms they enjoy every day.

• the neighbor who has parked his car in the front yard with the for sale sign, when he has plenty of room on the street to park the car.

• the thief that stole my brother’s flowers from his grave in the military section. Please return them.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jim Lyons, from your family and Donna.

• Betty Roll, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Brian Thompson, from Kimberly Thompson.

• Jordan Maus, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Kilyn Williams on No. 14, from Grandma Pam, Lucas, Carmyn, Gabby and Lincoln.

• Jim, from your friends at Cummins COB.

• Madison Roop, from Mamaw and Papaw Watkins, Mom and Dad, Mamaw Roop and Papaw Roop.

Belated Wishes to …

• Taylen Lane on No.13, from Nanny

• Ashley Hallgarth.

• Clayton Quillen, from your family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Drew and Claire Runion, from friends at the Moravian Church.

Belated Wishes to …

• Dan and Mary Greene from John Tinkey.

• Darlene and Larry Crum, on No. 3.

• Debbie and Mo Holman, from Central Heights Church of God.

• Andrew and Sarah Potts-Speer, from John Tinkey.