Letter: Learn what God has in store for you

From: Barbara Whipker


In reply to the letter in the Sept. 26 Republic, you are correct that lying and being deceitful are not Christian values, but then there are other means that our society has come to approve of to deal with difficult situations that are just as wrong.

God’s word tells us that “what comes out of our mouth originated first in our heart.” Good or bad thoughts, language, lies and deception start in the heart. And if the videos made regarding Planned Parenthood are wrong, just maybe the business they’re in is wrong.

God tells all who will read his words that “before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” Whatever the problem, whatever the concern, seek the advice of our creator God and his forgiveness and direction. He won’t let you down.

Something I heard the other day and like:






Begin reading today; find out what our God has for you.