“You Have Cancer”

”You Have Cancer”

A poem by larry mccord

The most dreadful words I have ever heard,

is when the doctor said, “You have cancer”

It simply tore my world apart, I did not have an answer

The ‘Doc’ said, “It was an aggressive kind

But I believe we’ve caught it just in time”

It’s been ten difficult years since my operation,

and to explain what I’ve been through

From getting hooked on medical prescriptions,

fighting a terrible medical withdrawal addiction,

followed by a battle of depression too

The effects of cancer I could feel,

but it was something I could not see

I vowed “I may have cancer,

but cancer would never have me”

So many days I felt so bad and depressed as I could be

I cried, “Oh God! Please take me home and set my spirit free”

It must not have been in the “Master’s” plan

As my precious wife took me by the hand,

said, “You are not in this fight alone,

with all these side effects and your cancer”

“You’ve just prayed for the easy way out,

and that is not the answer

You should thank God for the strength to carry on,

when you wake up every day

And thank him for all your loved ones too,

that petition God for you when they pray”

My wife was right, I was so weak, there was little I could do

But prayers of my wife and Christian friends,

gave me the strength that pulled me through

Now being a cancer survivor, at least I am for now

I see God’s love more clearly, and I made myself a vow

To be more sensitive to the need of others,when opportunity comes my way

To physically or spiritually help them

and petition their names to God, when I pray

I’m sure you have friends or loved ones,

that are going through hard times too

Perhaps it is cancer, or perhaps the loss of a loved one,

and would love to hear from you