Around Town – October 6

Orchids to …

• everyone who walked or sponsored a walker in the Alzheimer’s walk.

• the local radio stations that play music Friday nights and only stream sports events, from an oldies lover.

• Dustin Renner for the excellent letter opposing an increase in taxes.

• Bob Pitman for his accurate, excellent letter.

• Mayor Brown for bringing transparency and accountability to city government.

• Wanda Elgar, Roberta Edwards and Duke Roll for a great birthday dinner, from their mother and grandmother.

• for the great day on the boat fishing and your friendship.

• principals, teachers, coaches and students at ABC-Stewart school for the awesome talent show, from the Risks.

• my mother, Maxine, my sister, Loretta, and my son, Alex, for all their help after my surgery, from Karen Dickerson.

• John Tinkey for buying my breakfast at Shorty’s on Monday morning, from Joe.

• The Republic for reminding us of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Friday’s pink edition.

• Teresa at CVS Pharmacy for being nice and helpful with my medications, from Nancy R.

Onions to …

• county officials for wanting to put the budget-balancing burden on employees by raising health care costs without justification and still raise taxes on all county residents, giving the employees a double dose of loss in income and county citizens a loss as well.

• the Orchids for making it too easy for us not to send thank-you notes, for which I am guilty.

• all the subscribers who complain about The Republic’s annual pink edition.

• those who don’t realize that the pink edition was for a worthy cause, breast cancer awareness.

• people who lie about others when they are the ones starting trouble and come up with elaborate stories or illnesses so people believe them.

• unemployed people who expect working people to support them, from someone who has had enough.

• the classless fans that were at the football game in Bloomington on Saturday.

• the church that continues to keep staff who do nothing but collect a paycheck and the members who allow it.

• publishers of pink editions which are all symbolism and no substance and are extremely hard for senior citizens to read.

• women who see you in stores and turn their heads, pretending they don’t see you.

• all the readers who will complain about the paper being pink.

• whoever stole my Mother’s Day gift, a peacock that I really enjoyed, from my backyard.

• people who live off of the county and take cruises.

• whoever backed out and pulled into people’s yards Friday morning east of town.

• The Republic for printing once-in-a-lifetime keepsake obituaries on pink paper.

• the person who wrote in the pink edition that it only happens once a year and it’s for a good cause.

• readers who don’t want to be reminded of breast cancer month.

• people who put their dogs on chains, as this is abuse, and for having tiny doghouses with no food around.

• the fraudulent co-worker who made $500 on Friday and panhandles on the weekends as he has a full-time job and is not in need.

• the man having a good time and enjoying himself by shooting the lovely birds and animals on Long Road.

• the county for hiring some unstable reserve deputies.

• a poor standard of living for single moms when there are job-hiring signs all over the city.

• service stations that change their gas prices up and down for gas that was put in their underground tanks two or three weeks ago.

Happy Birthday to …

• our mom, Mary Helen Phillips, on No. 91, from Linda, Bill, John, Vicki, grandkids and great-grandkids.

• Tiffany Bailon, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Jesse Stephens, from John, Tina, John, Lauryn, Courtney, Canaan, Keighney and Jasmine.

• Bob Condon, from all your Barber Shop Buddies.

• Linda Elmerick, from Stacy and Addy.

• Art Schaffer, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Ruth Hendricks, from the Garrison girls.

• my awesome husband Brian Elkins, from Annie Elkins.

• our dad, Brian Elkins, from Josh and Austin Elkins.

• Rhonda Brown, from your family.

Belated Wishes to …

• Maud Martin, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Kristy Hall, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Joe Busby, from the Mt. Pleasant Christian Union Church.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Art and Kay Schaffer, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.