Court News 10-11-15

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Personal Finance Co. vs. Kyle L. Sellers, Lamplight Drive, $1,180.74.

Jewell, Crump, Angermeier & Prall vs. James Cherry, Gilmore Street, $287.15.

CST Properties vs. Nickolas Smith and Shyanna Roberts, Sycamore Street, $1,397.27 and eviction.

Angela Spaugh, Vinewood Drive, vs. Progressive Insurance, $6,000.

Shaun and Lisa Starks, Ohio Avenue, vs. Tony Narsinghani, Lapwing Drive, $2,000.

Noblitt Falls Lagoon Association vs. Erin Walters, Sunset Drive, $1,100.

Bryan and Brandy Burton, Westminster Place, vs. Curtis and Jerrica Miller, Mapleton Court, $1,056 and eviction.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Sheryl Nickerson, Nicholas Lane, $574.13 and eviction; Preston and Aimee Davis, Pavia Court, $441.34 and eviction; Donald Wood Jr. and Latonya Perez, Pavia Court, $956.02 and eviction; Lynda Bustle, Nicholas Lane, $358.57 and eviction; Joselyne Rivera, Nicholas Lane, $784.87 and eviction; and David Frazee, Nicholas Lane, $758.30 and eviction.

Home Real Estate vs. Jonathan Carmer, Ninth Street, $1,200 and eviction.

Bryan and Arlene Dailey, Wyndham Place North, vs. Stanley Donald and Amy Marie Crane, Hope, $4,987 and eviction.

LARC Properties vs. Robbie Perez and Tiffany Frodge, Franklin Street, $1,500 and eviction.

Nay Blair Family Partnership, Tierra Verde, Florida, vs. Billy and Rebekah Goin Jeffries, Taylor Road, $1,850 and eviction.

Tena Inc. vs. Danielle McKinley-Bello, Elizabethtown, complaint for eviction.

American Rental vs. Susan Elkins, Erin Drive, $1,000; Amanda Cash, Clifty Drive, $1,000; Bonnie Cowan, Chestnut Street, $750; Curtis Miller, Mapleton Court, $1,200; Durrell Linzy, Williamsburg Apartments, $700; Stacy Dobson, Central Place, $1,500; Michaela Richards, Hartsville, $1,500; and Rebecca Lunsford, Atkins Street, $1,500.

Linnea Verplank, Fishers, vs. Barry and Elizabeth Parkhurst, Woodside Drive, $6,000.

Sterling Jewelers Inc., doing business as Kay Jewelers Outlet, vs. Susan P. Elkins, Erin Drive, $959.87.