Meet Norma Graham

Q: Does dancing make you happy and why?

Dancing does make me happy. It is because it’s my passion. I express myself in dancing. I can show that I have talent when it comes to dance.

Q: Favorite thing about dance team?

Performing in front of the school. It makes me so happy. I like for everyone to know that I have a passion for dance.

Q: Favorite thing about being on a team?

My teammates. They make being on the team so much fun. They always make me laugh and smile.

Q: Run through what happens when you have a performance?

Well I first have to practice and practice until I have it down perfectly. Then I get ready. I do sometimes get nervous, but I just keep my calm because I know I will do my best.

Q: Are you planning to return next year?

Yes. I plan to dance for the high school all four years.

Q: How do you balance homework and practices?

I try to get my homework done in class. I balance it very well honestly. If I do still have homework, I do it after practice.

Q: What got you started in dancing?

My mom did. She had put me in classes at the age of 5 or 6. She knows that it is the best for me and that I do enjoy it. She pushes me to do what I love.

Q: Number of years of dance in all?

10 years

Q: Years on Jennings County dance teams?

Four years

Q: What’s your favorite thing about performing?

My favorite thing is that I get to show everyone how confident and passionate I am. I like to show everyone my facials too.

Q: Does dancing help you in everyday life? How?

Dance does help me. It makes me come out of my shy shell, and people notice that I am a dancer which makes me become friends with others.

Q: Who is your idol (famous)? Why?

Zendaya. She is an amazing dancer and singer. She is an amazing role model to me. She shows that you can do anything.

Q: Favorite type of dance?

Hip-hop. That’s my main dancing.

Q: Favorite routine this year and why?

Our UDA routine because it’s very advanced and it’s fast and exciting.

Q: Favorite hobbies?

Dancing and shopping

Q: Favorite food?

Sweet-and-sour chicken

Q: Favorite song?

“Our Own House” by MisterWives

Q: Plans after high school?

I’m going to go to Ball State and then become a flight attendant.