Around Town – October 14

Orchids to …

• the person in the booth at Ethnic Expo who found my billfold, from Roberta I.

• Mrs. Royer’s third-grade class and Mrs. Campbell’s fifth-grade class for the banners, from Deacon Bill.

• Burt’s Termite and Pest Control for always giving prompt and courteous service from an absolutely polite crew, from Diana Davidson.

• Columbus city leaders for the new neighborhood watch signs at Ninth and California streets, from Ninth Street Neighborhood Watch members.

• Crew Carwash for its awesome support of the Columbus North girls basketball team’s fundraising efforts.

• my husband Ben, for working hard and never complaining, making both his future and our family’s look bright.

• the Columbus Police Department dispatcher who made the emergency 911 test call so easy, from the nervous receptionist.

• Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers for his honesty and superb work with the sheriff’s department, from John Tinkey.

• Norman Curry for the excellent letter to the editor about all the options available to Bartholomew County government officials to raise money for county employees who are so deserving of a raise.

• Jan Sims for donating Halloween decorations for all to enjoy, from everyone at DSI’s Senior Day program at United Way.

Onions to …

• people who post garage sale signs all over town then forget to take them down after the garage sale.

• local law enforcement for trying to charge for services. What happened to “serve and protect?”

• the county official for suggesting a charge for funeral escorts when everyone, elected or private citizens, should respect the deceased.

• myself for not understanding how a pink newspaper helps anyone battling breast cancer.

• The Republic for not offering a free online version of the paper from a former resident who likes to keep up with the news of her hometown.

• the judge who only slaps the hands of drug dealers, putting them back into society.

• city, county and state agencies seeking tax increases when those on Social Security and fixed incomes can’t get a raise, supposedly because of low gas prices. What’s the connection?

• The Republic for not printing the final results of one of the biggest golf tournaments, the President’s Cup.

• the county department responsible for gouging out a ravine on County Road 670E just north of St. Louis Crossing and leaving it there unrepaired.

• the owner of a company who has no clue what the heck he’s doing.

Happy Birthday to …

• Sheryl Tracy, from Carole, Anne, Julie, Debbie, Sheila, Eris, Pat, Cindy, Valeria, Nancy and Jane.

• Elizabeth Rayburn, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Dale Schroeder and Aaron Sweet, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Grandma Norma Henderson, from Lauren, Chris, Riley, Christopher and Leylani.

• Kevin Sprague, from Mom and the bowling team.

• Haylee Acton

• Martina Jackson

• Arlene Dailey

Belated Wishes to …

• Kenneth Fields and Tasha Wainscott, from the Rich family.

• Jessica Curd from Grandma Jean.

ANOTHER beautiful morning