Renovations will cost less than expected

The Bartholomew Consolidated School Board will save $1 million when completing renovations to Southside and Rockcreek elementary schools in Columbus.

J.C. Ripberger Construction Corp. was selected Monday to complete construction at Southside Elementary School, 1320 W. County Road 200S, for $1.6 million. The school will receive new classrooms and new exterior windows in those classrooms.

Ferguson Construction Co. will receive $1.4 million for renovations to Rockcreek Elementary School, 13000 E. County Road 200S. In addition to classrooms, Rockcreek will receive new restrooms, exterior lighting, flooring upgrades, security upgrades, a new PA system and more trees.

J.C. Ripberger was the lowest of five bids on the Southside project, and Ferguson was the lowest of seven bids for the Rockcreek project. Renovations were each expected to cost the district $2 million.

Both companies agreed to use local subcontractors to help complete the work, Superintendent John Quick said.

The projects will be funded through a 15-year general obligation bond, which was included in the BCSC 2016 budget. Repayment will come through the district’s debt service fund.

Construction bids


  • Bruns-Gutzwiller: $1,580,000
  • CDI: $1,907,600
  • Dunlap & Company: $1,676,400
  • Ferguson Construction: $1,475,903 (selected)
  • Gilbraltar Construction: $1,702,000
  • Poole Group: $1,562,500
  • J.C. Ripberger: $1,709,900


  • Bruns-Gutzwiller: $1,698,000
  • CDI: $2,105,900
  • Dunlap & Company: $1,672,300
  • Quality Plumbing & Heating: $1,918,000
  • J.C. Ripberger: $1,639,800 (selected)
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Olivia Covington is a reporter for The Republic. She can be reached at or 812-379-5712.