Letter: Council candidate Brand committed community leader

From: Kevina Schumaker


I have known Ryan Brand for 18 years. He has been a committed community leader since his involvement with the Columbus Parks and Recreation Board, for which he served as a multiterm board president. During his tenure with the board, he helped to navigate the transition of executive directors, negotiate the privatization of the city golf courses and deal with the aftermath of the 2008 flood.

While serving as the Park Board president, Ryan was also a multiterm president of the Columbus Area Arts Council Board. During this time, he led the organization through the difficulties of losing its office space and primary programming space, The Commons. Ryan was also instrumental in the creation of the arts programming plan that we all enjoy in our downtown today.

As a city councilman, Ryan continued to lead. Pushing for greater communication between the mayor’s office and City Council, he was elected council president by his peers his second year in office. Ryan has fought to protect organizations such as Mill Race Center and the Columbus Area Arts Council as the city’s support has changed over the last four years. He worked to build consensus among City Council representative on difficult issues, including the city’s smoking ban and the amended human rights ordinance.

Ryan understands the foundation of excellence that has been built in this community. As a City Council representative, he will strengthen Columbus for the future. He will continue to work to make Columbus a place we are all proud to call home. He has a vision for Columbus based on inclusiveness, cooperation and communication.

Ryan is committed to his family’s long heritage of community service. His leadership experience and commitment to work for our community cannot be replaced. His ability to bring people together to have open honest conversations about the future of our community is something he takes great pride in. He truly loves this community.

On Nov. 3 we all have an important decision to make. I am asking my friends and family in the Second District to support Ryan Brand for City Council. His commitment, leadership and love for our community make him the right choice.