She regularly visits strip clubs to tell dancers that Jesus loves them — and that he has a better life for them. As a result, she has seen struggling women of every stripe let go of everything from perfectionism to unforgiveness.

And Kim Tabor yearns to see more women find emotional, psychological and spiritual freedom. The focus of her Finally Free Women’s Conferences she leads statewide and nationwide are geared toward that.

The next one is Nov. 14 at Columbus’ First Christian Church, 531 Fifth St.

“You can find brokenness among women everywhere — absolutely everywhere,” said Tabor, who operates Tabor Ministries with her husband Brian in Fishers. “And no matter what the issues are, we have to bring these things into the light. And the only one who truly can heal our brokenness is Jesus.”

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Tabor speaks from firsthand experience.

Her esteem became so linked to her identity as a singer that throat problems eventually stopped her vocal work for a time in the late 1990s — until she found that she was enough just as herself, without any trappings of talent or ministry. She also lost her singing voice late last year and faced another experience of letting go and letting God work as freely as he wanted.

“No matter what, women at the core want to know that we’re loved and that we matter,” she said.

Without peak performance.

Without a flurry of responsibilities and tasks.

Without unrealistic expectations and “buying the lies of the world,” as Tabor puts it.

Nancy Lewis, First Christian’s director of involvement and women’s ministries, wants women to find such freedom, too.

“I hope we can reach women who just feel very burdened,” Lewis said.

Tabor mentioned that her conferences draw Christians and non-Christians alike. When she speaks with attendees, she sometimes hears plenty of heartache, from those enduring rocky marriages to feeling undervalued.

She responds with equal measures of compassion and realism.

“Life is hard,” she tells those facing adversity. “But life is not hopeless.”

Tabor regularly travels with ministry cohorts who share stories of being stuck or seemingly trapped in hardship or misery, and then submitted their life to God finally to find redemption and restoration. One of her team members coming to First Christian will talk of finding freedom from work as a stripper. Another will detail finding release from bitterness and learning to extend forgiveness to her husband who had an affair.

“The conference and the day is about learning how to surrender not only the stones of your life — the negative things — but also how to surrender ALL of your life to him, and how to walk in the freedom that he has for each and every one of us.”

Despite the seriousness, Tabor is careful to carve out time for fun at her gatherings, so women can break away from worries and stress.

“Conga lines have broken out at our events,” she said. “Women can come ready to have a good time and to enjoy some laughter.”

Finally Free Women's Conference

What: Finally Free Women’s Conference, focusing on surrendering all aspects of life to Christ, led by singer and speaker Kim Tabor of Fishers. Husband and keyboard player Brian Tabor of Greenwood’s Mt. Pleasant Christian Church will help lead worship.

When: 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Nov. 14.

Where: First Christian Church, 531 Fifth St. in Columbus.

Cost: $25. Some financial help is available. Registration deadline is Nov. 8.


Information: 812-379-4491,

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