Police offer tips for safe Halloween

Staff Reports

The Columbus Police Department offers the following tips for those heading out to trick or treat later today.

Only visit homes that are inviting visitors by leaving the front porch light on.

Light-colored costumes are more visible in the dark.

Consider using strips of reflective tape on costumes and a flashlight so motorists can see you.

Costumes should not create a tripping hazard or restrict a child’s vision. Consider face paint instead of masks for children.

Children should be escorted by parents or an older family member. Go trick-or-treating in groups.

Consider sticking to your own neighborhood on well-lit streets during trick-or-treat hours.

Walk on sidewalks if possible. When crossing streets, cross only at corners.

Do not consume any items that are unwrapped. Parents should inspect all treats before children eat anything. Notify police about anything suspicious.