Court News 11-8-15

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Collection Associates vs. Darlene D. Pearl, Hartsville, $962.66; Mayra Lopez, Rosedale Drive, $3,991.30; Debra Lafont, Rosewood Drive, $531.41.

LVNV Funding vs. Mathew Hatchett, Magnolia Drive, $842.04; Velika Nevins, Union Street, $613.02; Ashley Trapp, 26th Street, $647.79.

Canterbury House Apartments vs. Donald Wood Jr. and Latonya Perez, Pavia Court, $835.17 and eviction; Christina Rockwell, Pavia Court, $851.24 and eviction; Eboni Broomfield, Lombardy Court, $904.63 and eviction.

Fulp Rentals vs. Luke Wayne Graham, Eighth Street, $975 and eviction; Matthew and Shyla Eaglen, Continental Drive, $435.53.

Quail Run Apartments vs. Ronald Lewis and Jessica Schrader, Saylor Drive, complaint for damages and eviction.

Thomasson, Thomasson, Long & Guthrie vs. Robert Davis, Pavia Court, $1,060.16.

Ivie Osemweggie, Trentwood Court, vs. United Airlines, $6,000.

Hickory Creek at Columbus vs. James and Elizabeth Harris, Washington Street, complaint for damages.

Midwest Computer Solutions vs. Steve Zeiglar, Westport, $125.85.

Wade Myers, State Street, vs. Wesley Mourey and Shanaya Brown, Seventh Street, $650 and eviction.

Charles Kelley, Clifford, vs. Dee Schmidt, Clifford, and Debbie Woodford, Clifford, $738.

Frank Ianni, Countess Drive, vs. James Flett/Crew Car Wash, $595.62.

R&M Warehouse vs. Sam Pante, Illinois Street, complaint for damages and eviction.

Shevon Simmons and Kyle Husband, Junco Drive, vs. Cindy and Cynda Stephenson, Central Avenue, $6,000.

Allied Collection Service vs. Amy M. Harker, Hope, $2,373.98; David V. Harmon, East County Road 265N, $4,053.75; Melissa Jaggers, Pearl Street, $4,685; Kenneth Lee, Edinburgh, $22,370.05; Melissa Smiley, East Orchard Road, $3,315.50.

Tena Inc. vs. Natasha Minton, North County Road 150W, $983.86.

Candlelight Homes and/or Candlelight Village vs. Karen Halsey, Rosewood Lane, $411.90, $828 and eviction; Anthony and Stacey L. Brown, Rosedale Drive, $1,019.27, $891.19 and eviction; Virginia Quirino, Rosewood Lane, $885, $1,162 and eviction; Randall Bland Jr. and Ashley Edwards, Camden Drive, $638, $565.96 and eviction; Jacklyn Dorsett and Cheyanne McCarthy, Rosedale Drive, $745.69, $712 and eviction.

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Kimberly Gross, Cleveland Street, $3,175.

Cavalry SPV I vs. Adam Helton, Hope, $3,343.73; Housing Partnerships Inc. vs. Misty Warren, Hege Avenue, $815 and eviction.

Raymond A. Thomas, McKinley Avenue, vs. Sonny A. and Melissa Zollinger-Thomas, McKinley Avenue, $2,000 and eviction.

Vijay Narsinghani, Columbus, vs. Kevin Goff and Twana Huerta, Pearl Street, $925 and eviction.

CST Properties vs. Buddy Barrett, Ninth Street, $1,155 and eviction.

Tena Inc. vs. Kayla M. Blevans, Elizabethtown, $1,916.28 and eviction.

Collection Associates vs. Bryce Kuhn, Center Street, $984.65; Cara S. Garris, Home Avenue, $1,931.91; Medora C. Wilson, Ninth Street, $3,798.93; Julie Elizabeth Miller, West Goeller Road, $1,234.06; Kyle K. Husbands, Hege Avenue, $3,189.89; Kimberly S. Gross, Cleveland Street, 1,595.24; Lindsay R. Jordan, East Fountain Way, $2,504.91; Mark H. Hamilton, East Rockwood Street, $2,593.71; Roy A. Miracle, East Road 200S, $1,457.31; and Lisa A. Wolf, Hartsville, $697.30.

Grandview Lot Owners Association vs. Preferred Properties of Columbus, State Street, $1,944.

Dissolutins of Marriage


Heather Jade Martinez-Ramirez, North East Street, vs. Oswaldo Martinez-Ramirez, Garden Street, married Oct. 13, 2013, separated Aug. 5, 2015, three children.

Richard Dean Scalf III, no address, vs. Alisha Nichole Miracle, no address, married May 11, 2013, separated Aug. 12, 2015, one child.

James R. Lundsford, Bartholomew County, vs. Kelly R. Lundsford, Bartholomew County, married Feb. 22, 1997, separated April 6, 2015, two children.

Brandi A. Frazee, Bartholomew County, vs. William Bradley Frazee, Bartholomew County, married Oct. 21, 2009, separated Aug. 4, 2015, one child.

Christeen M. Foley, South Drive, vs. Paul D. Foley, Hope, married May 13, 2012, separated Aug. 16, 2015, one child.

Paul David Corya, Bartholomew County, vs. Erin E. Corya, Bartholomew County, married June 25, 2000, separated April 2015, three children.

Kinsey Marie Thompson, Maple Street, vs. David Wayne Thompson Jr., Maple Street, married Sept. 19, 2009, separated Sept. 3, 2015, three children.

Matthew Thomas Hutson, Maple Street, vs. Shannon Elizabeth Hutson, Park Valley Drive, married Jan. 30, 2014, separated Aug. 1, 2015.

Amber R. James, West County Road 550S, vs. Anthony R. James, West County Road 550S, married Sept. 15, 2001, separated Sept. 15, 2015, four children.

Sheila Marie Sweet, Bartholomew County, vs. William Larry Sweet, Clifty Street, married June 18, 1993, separated Sept. 16, 2013, one child.

Jeremy D. Hoeltke, Hillcrest Road, vs. Brandy Brown Hoeltke, Hillcrest Road, married Sept. 1, 2015, separated Sept. 6, 2015.