Around Town – November 23

Orchids to …

• Justin, Starla and Greg at Lowe’s for getting the dishwasher delivered and installed to surprise our daughter-in-law, Tonya, from Wes and Phyllis Paradise.

• Kevin Lair for aptly describing the elements of true leadership. Most notably the comment “real leadership comes from those who see their success in the success of others.”

• Officer R. Imlay for being very kind Saturday morning, from Jenny Kessler.

• Danny Hollander for replacing the damaged and worn out signs in Taylorsville. Keep up the good work, from Taylorsville Crime Watch.

• Larry Kleinhenz for fulfilling your promise to have our streets re-stripped in Taylorsville. They look great, from Taylorsville Crime Watch.

• Don Strietelmeier for your right-on letter-to-the-editor Saturday; I hope everyone reads it.

• Tony and Norma at the Columbus Kroger for helping us out in a tough situation, from a Toyota employee.

• Kevin at Rural King for being so helpful to an older lady Saturday.

• Cassie Doles for the beautiful photo of the blood moon.

• Parkside Baptist Church for an awesome Thanksgiving supper.

• the east-side Walmart auto center technician for being so nice and helpful with my tire problem Saturday afternoon, from a grateful lady.

• Gov. Pence for not allowing anymore Syrians into our state.

• The Republic for its fine articles on the veterans this past Veterans Day, we veterans thank you for this.

• Mayor Kristen Brown for her Sunday letter-to-the-editor, which was right on.

• the guys in the east-side Walmart automotive department for helping the big dummy in the orange sweatshirt with tire pressure and the new windshield wipers. I really appreciated their help.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bobby Tyler Burton, on No. 18, from Pastor Lewis and the Who So Ever Will Community Church and Mommy No. 2.

• Dave Rosenberger, from Terri and Donna.

• Richard C. Gotshall.

• Catherine Grott, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

• Nolan Prather, Austin Steenbarger and Ethan WiWi, from friends at Hope Moravian Church.

• Pat Tharp, from Mary and Elsie.

• Bill Sproessig.

• Henry Nobbe.

• David Emmert.

• Chelsea Bragg.

• Keegan Fox, on No. 19, from Mom, Dad, Grayson, Jackson and Lila.

• Darrion Phillips, on No. 17, from Mom, Isabelle, Mamaw, Kimbriana, Olivia, Cosmo and Lily.