City-county collaboration saves money, meets needs

An agreement between four entities to share a radio tower is a good way to embrace safety and reduce costs, but it’s also important for another reason.

The city of Columbus, Bartholomew County, Columbus Regional Hospital and Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. agreed to an official partnership, including financial obligations, to share a radio tower leased by Columbus Police Department so that each will have a signal for their radio systems.

A dedicated radio signal comes in handy when safety issues arise, such as bad weather, accidents or natural disasters.

While the city, county, hospital and school district each will pay $95,535 to share the 800 megahertz tower next year, after that each will pay only $8,200.80 annually through 2021.

This official partnership is a good example of local government and agencies maximizing current resources and looking for ways to increasing efficiency.

Moreover, if the city and county can find this type of efficiency through a partnership, they might be able to find even more such opportunities in the future.

City and county government leaders — who conduct the people’s business a block apart from each other — would do well to work closer together and see what additional opportunities exist to increase efficiency in operations that could benefit both.