Around Town – December 4

Orchids to …

• the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill for the wonderful Christmas dinner at First Christian Church and a special thank-you to all the high school volunteers who served and cleaned up.

• Barbara Smitherman for a great letter regarding the refugee crisis we face.

• Abdul Hakim-Shabazz for the right-on opinion column in Wednesday’s paper.

• Barb Smitherman for her letter articulating how our country is in danger of turning its back on our heritage of welcoming and embracing the oppressed and responding exactly how the Islamic State group and other terrorists would want us to by closing our borders to refugees.

• those who opened their own homes, neighborhoods and wallets to the refugees and immigrants, from true believers and supporters.

• Debbie Sims for her caring, sharing, big heart and the best hugs ever.

• the man who was protecting his and others’ property.

• Victoria Craig Griffin for all you do.

• Mr. Martin at Richards Elementary School for assisting in changing a shredded tire on a female employee’s car and taking it to Frank Anderson’s to be replaced, from Karen O’Connor.

• Cindy at Gehring Underground for going above and beyond the call of duty by providing outstanding customer service in a time of need, from Katie with JOLI Development.

• Burt’s Termite and Pest Control for the quick response to a critical need, from CST Properties.

• Columbus Baptist Church, First Christian Church and FedEx for the Thanksgiving dinners fixed and delivered and for the in-house feeding for everyone who needed a hot meal on Thanksgiving.

• Jim Lucas for the beautiful Christmas lights, from Diana Mitchell.

• Gov. Mike Pence for putting our protection first, from Wilma Jordan.

• the lady in the burgundy coat at Kroger who paid for the young mother’s groceries when she didn’t have enough money to pay.

• Burnsville Christian Church for an awesome bean supper and hosting South Central Indiana Men’s Fellowship.

Onions to …

• every medical facility in town that never answers their phone because I have to leave a message every single time and wait for a call back.

• The Republic because there were large articles about the Colts and unbeaten Carolina Panthers, but nothing about the exciting game between New England and the Denver Broncos on Sunday night.

• anyone who feels a need to hunt and kill the majestic sandhill cranes, and especially those who call themselves crane wreckers.

• those who are demolishing the former State Street School, when we saved so many of the other older schools in Columbus.

• people who try to overrule the governor.

• the irresponsible garage door salesman who will not respond to requests for help with a broken door which he installed.

• the mailman who is parking in the street and the post office for not doing anything about it.

• the post office whose phone number is always busy.

• Medicaid insurance which proves to be worthless.

• any reporter who thinks we readers want to see a gigantic photo in the paper of a killer.

Happy Birthday to …

• Johnny Fife, from your family and Donna.

• Betty Whittington, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Jordan Turner, from Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

• Shannon Sims.

• Jasmine White.

Belated Wishes to …

• Owen Myers.

• Alisha Thompson.

• Alanie Slack.

• Breanna McClain, from friends at the Moravian Church.

Belated Anniversary wishes to

• Eddie and Susie Phelps on No. 10, from Mom.