Letter: Governors looking out for nation’s security

From: Don Goodwin


This is in response to Robert Edwards’ letter about the refugees being turned away by Gov. Mike Pence and other governors across the United States of America. I am a Christian, and I fully support them and their choice of turning away those refugees. I believe that we are to help those in need, but at the same time we are not to let this government walk over us by forcing another one of their poor choices on us.

I am thankful that they, the governors, are looking out for our safety. It’s comforting to know that they are not afraid to stand up against this government that we now have.

Something else I discovered last year, that rarely gets talked about, is that, like France, the U.S.A. already has over 30 terrorist cells that are also no-go zones and that I call home-grown terrorists living right here in this country. I have seen the locations of these cells on maps on the Internet, just waiting to attack us from within. We don’t hear about these terrorist cells because our president won’t call them terrorists, so nothing can be done to them. They can only be watched by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.