Adoption Day event highlights positive impact for local kids

An important event took place Nov. 25 that impacted five families and seven children. That’s when Bartholomew County took part in National Adoption Day for the first time.

Adoptions hearings were performed at the Bartholomew County Courthouse by local judges, providing resolution to family-building efforts that had been years in the making.

The adoption hearings legally created new families. But most importantly, they added an exclamation point to the fact that the seven children are legally in the arms of parents who love them and will care for them as a family.

Adoptive adults included grandparents, those that had served as parents through foster care and stepparents.

Love, comfort and care contribute to an immeasurable gift for children — not only to these seven, but for the millions of children around the world.

The local hearings were part of a statewide effort to encourage Indiana families to provide a permanent home for children. The hearings and reception afterward provide a perfect way to raise awareness of adoption, and potentially open doors for more.

Based on this inaugural experience, we expect Bartholomew County will participate in National Adoption Day in future years. To the parents involved, congratulations for stepping up and making a permanent commitment to these precious young individuals.