Making an impact

A wide array of interesting individuals are employees of Jennings County Schools. Seth Hulse, an influential individual, is one example at Jennings County High School.

Hulse has worked at the high school for 16 years, as a study hall supervisor and as the Color Guard sponsor. Hulse created the Color Guard in 2003 and coaches it with his wife, Cathy.

“I teach MMA (mixed martial arts) and self- defense as a part of color guard,” he said.

Hulse was in the military before he began his career at Jennings County High School. He was in the U.S. Air Force for six years and attended the Air Force Law Enforcement Academy. He is a U.S. Air Force law enforcement specialist.

Hulse said that interacting with students and helping them become adults while surviving their teenage years is his favorite part of his career.

However, there are two things that he wishes he could change.

“I’d like to have hair again,” he joked. “However, if I could change something, I want kids to automatically understand how important they are.”

Any school or organization that wants to start a color guard can contact Hulse by calling 812-346-5588.